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Address: Unit 01 10/F, Carnival Commercial Building, 18 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.

Phone: 86-130-37606884

Contact name:Roy Wang

Winmax Sourcing Limited

About Us

Mission to be Better

Founded in 1996. Winmax Sourcing (HK) Limited developed rapidly based on the larege supplier chains in China.

Product covers agricultural machinery, chemicals and food industries. Customer covers Africa, South America, South Asia etc. One team one success makes us to be together on the way to be group.

Continuous Developing System

Fully suppliers' collaboration system. Select most competitive prices and quality to make sure we offer the best from China for customers.

Complete 3rd party inspection and audits comply with. To try to be your best supplier in longterm cooperation.

Perfect testing system, top advanced testing engineers to analyze each unit to work smoothly and more durable.

Winmax is always on the way to offer our customers the best of bests

Better Improvement from practice

Winmax machines are different from other suppliers. Factory owned most updated technologies, Winmax owns the most practice with customers. We have more than 20 years practice during processing together with our clients, all problems are recorded and improved, what’s more, develop the machine construction to be more suitable in continuous work.

Farther Vision to our Customers

Many people say Chinese company didn't know how to control their suppliers’ quality, etc, so hardly to make better products to their customers. It is not actually the case. Many trading companies in China are brantches of a factory or have certain inventory. This is not the way Winmax follows.  We cooperate with supply chains, but we never feel tired to control our products. They may have ISO, CE, etc certifications, even UL for motors, But please kindly note that China is a country that money can solve all the certifications. Our standard in selecting factories maybe special but useful. We develop our quality standard since material in to final shipment..

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Company Name: Winmax Sourcing Limited
City: Hong Kong
Province: HongKong
Address: Unit 01 10/F, Carnival Commercial Building, 18 Java Road, North Point, Hong Kong.