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JP  China  Trade  Int'l Co., Ltd 

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Address: Room 1005,Jincheng Center,Jiukeshu, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China

Contact name:Wang Dapeng

JP  China  Trade  Int'l Co., Ltd 

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Our factory JP Science and Technology Co., Ltd was established in April 1998. We have the independent R&D organization and has established long-term cooperative relationships with state key universities and colleges.Annual production is more than 150,000 sets. Annual export volume is more than 20,000 sets.


We have own export company JP China Trade Int’l Co., Ltd, which was established in 2010, specialized in selling of parking heaters and parts.We are growing at a fast and steady pace in the past several years.


Today, we have buyers from over 60 countries and had established SOLE dear-ship in UK and Australia for over 6 years. We offer good and immediate service. With the pursuit to expand our sales, we are looking for more buyers and dealers.Please feel free to ask for more details, email or make a phone.


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Company Name: JP  China  Trade  Int'l Co., Ltd 
City: beijing
Province: beijing
Country: china
Address: Room 1005,Jincheng Center,Jiukeshu, Tongzhou District, Beijing, China