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Anti Acid - Alkali Plastic Random Packings With High Mass Transfer Efficient

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Anti Acid - Alkali Plastic Random Packings With High Mass Transfer Efficient

Country/Region china
City & Province beijing beijing
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Product Details

High Mass Transferring Efficiency Plastic Random Packings Acid - Alkali Resistance Plastic Ladder Ring Packing


Plastic ladder ring packing (Plastic Cascade Ring or Plastic Cascade Mini Ring) flange lateral side increased, not only can increase the mechanical strength of packing rings, and because of damage to the packing structure of the axis of symmetry, thus increasing the chance of filling the orientation when released. Also, because the flanging effect, making the filling in the gaps between the stacked packing rings when the contact becomes dominated by the linear contact with a point of contact. This will not only increase the gap between the filler particles, reducing the gas through the packing layer of negative forces, and these contacts can also fill the surface of the liquid flows along the scattered points of convergence, thus contributing to the film surface update Conducive to packing mass transfer efficiency.


Specification of Plastic ladder ring:





Surface Area


Void Rate






Dry Packing Factor




1.High free volume, low pressure drop

2.Low mass-transfer unit height, high flooding point

3.Uniform gas-liquid contact, small specific gravity

4.High mass transfer efficiency,etc.

Application: The application temperature in media ranges from 60 Degree C to 150 Degree C.

It is widely used in the packing towers in various separation, absorption, deabsorption equipment, normal pressure drop equipment, decarbonization of synthetic ammonia, desulphurization, separation of ethylbenzene,etc.



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