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Activated Carbon Fiber Mat 1450-1550M2/g Specific Surface Area Felt for Filters

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Activated Carbon Fiber Mat 1450-1550M2/g Specific Surface Area Felt for Filters

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Activated Carbon Fiber Mat 1450-1550M2/g Specific Surface Area Felt for Filters




1-5mm thickness activated carbon fiber felt is available for Chemshine.


This activated carbon fiber felt is good adsorpton


The mat is made of high-purity activated carbon powder combined with fiber basic,


The felt has a good adsorption performace of harmful gases,particularty benzene, methanol, etc, large adsorption capacity of bug dust, high strength, less airflow resistance.


Mainly used in many areas, like air purifiers, air conditioners, filters, fume purifiers, watter prurification, gas adsorption, and so on. 




specific surface area (m2/g)1450-1550
pore volume (ml/g)0.8-1.2
Methylene blue value (ml/g)250
absorb benzene (wt%)53-58
average pore diameter17-20
firing temperature(℃)>500
abrorption of iodine value (mg/g)1400-1500



- Drinking water purification
Activated carbon fiber is frequently used for water treatment as well as for distilled
alcoholic beverage purification. Activated carbon fiber filters can be used to filter beverages
such as vodka and whiskey with organic impurities to improve odor, color, and taste.


- Recovery of Organic Compounds and Solvents
Activated carbon fiber is widely used for recovering organic compounds and solvents (up
to 97% recovery) as adsorption and desorption are extremely quick and efficient. Filters
that contain activated carbon fiber can also be used in compressed air and gas purification to
remove oil vapors, odors, and other hydrocarbons in the air.


- Air purification and carbon filter material
Activated carbon fiber is frequently used to make activated carbon filters that can
eliminate foul smelling odors in the air. Activated carbon fiber can also be used to
remove harmful particles and contaminates such as carcinogens, exhaust, and other
pollutants (such as formaldehyde, toluene, hydrogen sulfide and ammonia).

- Wastewater treatment
Activated carbon fiber can be used to treat phenolic wastewater and medical waste.

- Refrigerator deodorizer
Activated fiber carbon can be used to remove odors and keep food refresh in




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