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3.5 MM Thickness Carbon Carbon Composites Plate For Vacuum Brazing Furnace

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3.5 MM Thickness Carbon Carbon Composites Plate For Vacuum Brazing Furnace

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3.5 MM Thickness Carbon Carbon Composites Plate For Vacuum Brazing Furnace



  1. This plate is made out of Carbon fiber carbon composites
  2. The plate is 3.5mm thickness
  3. Carbon carbom composites plate usually has high carbon content and less ash content.
  4. This plate is for vacuum brazing furnace.
  5. It is based the whole carbon felt,carbon fiber fabric using vapor deposition process to obtain the carbon carbon composite,with high strength,low specific gravity,expansion coefficient, high temperature resistance,corrosion resistance, abrasion resistance,thermal shock resistance ,it is use in aerospace, aviation, metallurgy, chemicals, machinery and other fields.


Technical Specifications:


Volume Density1.45-1.7(g/cm3)
Tensile Strength ≥125(Mpa)
Applicative Temperature Range (℃)1250-3600
Ash Content ≤0.06(%)
Processing Temperature (℃)1400-2500
Compression Strength (Mpa)≥ 60
Thermal Conductivity (W/(m*k) )10-12
Carbon Content ≥99.8(%)


Available Size:

  1. Plate:1500*1500(Max)
  2. Thickness:5mm

Carbon carbon composites material can be processed into various shaped pieces,such as vacuum furnace blower carbon /carbon blade, a variety of screws ,nuts, pipe,plate,bar,tray,rack.



Mechanical properties

carbon composite has good mechanical properties of the strength and elastic modulus, good wear and tear resistance

high-temperature stability

The room temperature strength of carbon composite can keep up to 2500 ℃, is not sensitive to the thermal stress, and the ablation resistance performance is good

Physical propertiesAfter high temperature treatment, the carbon composite has higher carbon content, >99%, the density is low, the mechanical properties are good. Due to good characteristic of high melting point of carbon, high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and thermal shock performance, the carbon composite is resistant to acid, alkali and salt

Comprehensive performance evaluation

carbon composite has good strength and elastic modulus at room temperature; less production processes of carbon composite material can save materials and manufacturing costs, and its more safety and reliability



Carbon Fibre Reinforced Carbon (CFRC), or Carbon-carbon, is a unique composite material consisting of carbon fibres embedded in a carbonaceous matrix. Originally developed for aerospace applications, its low density, high thermal conductivity and excellent mechanical properties at elevated temperatures make it an ideal material for aircraft brakes, rocket nozzles and re-entry nose tips. It withstands temperatures in excess of 2000C without major deformation. The properties are very much dependent on the manufacturing methods used for production. Although the general production technology is known, the combination of processes to achieve specially tailored properties remains the expertise of particular manufacturers.




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