High Stiffness 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole Water Fed Adjustable Cleaning Pole

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High Stiffness 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Telescopic Pole Water Fed Adjustable Cleaning Pole

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Product Details

14.6M Lgth High Stiffness 100% 3K Carbon Fiber Telescopic Water Fed Adjustable Cleaning Pole


Chemical properties


Carbon fiber is the carbon content is higher than 90% of inorganic polymer fiber.Carbon content is higher

than 99% of graphite fiber.Carbon fiber axial strength and high modulus, creep, fatigue resistance, good

heat and electrical conductivity between non-metal and metal, small thermal expansion coefficient, good

corrosion resistance, low density of fiber, X-ray permeability is good.But its poor resistance to impact,

easy to damage, oxidation, under the action of a strong acid and metal composite metal carbide happens,

carburizing and electrochemical corrosion phenomena.Therefore, the carbon fiber surface treatment

before use must be.
Edit the period of preparation of carbon fiber can be respectively with polyacrylonitrile fiber, pitch fiber

and rayon silk or phenolic fiber made by carbide;According to the state is divided into filament, short-fiber

and chopped fiber;According to the mechanical properties can be divided into general and high

performance.Universal carbon fiber strength is 1 billion MPa (MPa), modulus of 100 gpa.High-performance carbon fiber is divided into high strength type (2000 mpa strength, modulus of 250 gpa)

and high model (modulus of 300 gpa above).Strength is greater than 4000 mpa is also known as ultra

high strength type;Modulus is larger than 450 gpa are called super model.With the development of

aerospace and aviation industry, but also the carbon fiber with high strength and high stretch type, its

elongation is more than 2%.Consumption is the largest polyacrylonitrile PAN based carbon fiber.

Commonly used carbon fiber is mainly polyacrylonitrile carbon fiber and carbon fiber with asphalt.The

manufacture of carbon fiber includes fiber spinning, thermal stabilization (oxidation), carbonization and

graphitization four process.With the chemical change include, such as dehydrogenation and cyclization,

oxidation and deoxidization.




Wall thickness0.5-3mm
Section numberCustom-made


Carbon fiber raw materials;Carbon fibers (carbon fibre), as the name implies, it not only has natural intrinsic

characteristics of carbon materials, and both the soft and machinability of textile fiber, is a new generation

of reinforcing fiber.Compared with the traditional glass fiber (GF), young's modulus is its three times as

much;It with kay fulla fiber (KF - 49), compared to not only the young's modulus is its 2 times the left and

right sides, and insoluble in organic solvents, acid, alkali is not expanding, the corrosion resistance to

excel.Some scholars in 1981 will PAN CF immerse in strong alkali NaOH solution, time has past more than

20 years, it still keep fibrous form.Raw materials or materials, is used in the manufacture of goods, the

human device, component, machines or other products of the material.Material is the material, sometimes

people also known as raw materials, but not all substance can be referred to as the material.Such as fuel

and chemical raw materials, industrial chemicals, food and drugs, are generally not material.



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