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Autobase Together in 2013

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Autobase Together in 2013

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Product Details

2013,this is a key turning year for Autobase , is also turning year for the automatic car wash machine field in all over the world.
Base on the key year of global car wash industry, Beijing Autobase Wash Systems Co.,Ltd. Leading members are together in the factory and discuss planing , Autobase start formally to entrance products upgrate and transformation period from this year , starting to systematic and comprehensive upgrate progress base one the original technology , because technology play the  most inportant parts in Beijng Autobase Wash System Co.,Ltd.. So Autobase Leading Management pay much attention to it. After many years of all members’ hard work and pioneering spirit, makes over 60 countries customers in the world to use Autobase brand of  automatic car wash machine products.It is a extraordinary achivement in automatical manufacture  industry filed , but why technology stability of automatic car wash system need upgrat? It aslo review the global development strategic plaing in beginning of Autobase. Becuase Autobase own global unique prospective and industry insight for technology filed to make brand spread rapidly to all over the world.
This together aslo refer to Autobase Globle Market Subdivision Positioning ,TEPO-AUTO car wash system had made good achievement in the global car wash system industry as the middel of brand of Autobase .As well as making a good countribution to Autobase marking development . Because TEPO-AUTO car wash system make global customer recognise” Autobase wash system” and it is aslo unhappy obstacles for U.S. and Eropean company . Of course, Autobase Global Market Layout didn’t aim sharply to which brand or which market . Autobase Globle Market Layout is balance, rational, health developing process. From A Series Top Car wash System of Autobase brand got high attention in U.S. and European market made Autobase team feel responsibility important and urgently. In China, Autobase own all most of high end customer group, in this way,  Autobase Global Strategy aslo make the same positioning model in the future .
Autobase automatic car wash system confident together with quality, insist together with customer requirements, brand together with culture! This is Global image for Autobase Car Wash System.

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