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Autobase, beautiful bacause of the car service

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Autobase, beautiful bacause of the car service

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Autobase, beautiful bacause of the car service


Autobase, beautiful bacause of the car service
The AUTOBASE reputation in the field of automotive service, famous in the world because the car and service.
The Autobase automotive services promote the professional services, which own the three main brands: Autobase,Autoluce, car wash Kingdom.
Autobase Brand: Autobase car service develop the specialized high-end automotive life club service professionally, mainly pursue the VIP exclusive service model, promote specialization and differentiation service model . The existing chain of professional services stores throughout China and the world's large cities.
TheAutoluce: the Autoluce car beauty provide the professional decorative chain model, promoting the human text-based push service model as the direction of development, from the middle service shop has been extended to a powerful expansion of large-scale integrated services store. The Autoluce had opened more than 200 service chain stores in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenyang, Urumqi, Shanxi, and Jilin. The customers are quickly accepted and promote the brand effectively.
Car wash Kingdom: car wash Kingdom can easily understand in literal, based on the exquisite car wash and building up the new concept of a professional car wash beauty services, with the exquisite fashion professional decorative, professional car wash beauty etc, suitable for the area of small-medium sized and professional car wash beauty ​​investment, make the car wash beauty a professional car wash project that can not separated. It is suitable for the upgrade of professional car wash field, upscale community specialized car wash, car wash service of commercial facilities.
The Autobase automatic washing machine promotes the new idea of environmentally friendly car wash, which owns three main brands: Autobase, TEPO-AUTO, and North Star.
Autobase brand: Autobase automatic washing machine specialized in manufacturing the world's high-end series products, which main sell to the global high-end customer and specialized car wash field. It has been sold to high-end customers, including the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Australia and other countries. This series also includes professional development capabilities of the Automatic Train Washing Machine, successively equipped with German db, France's Alstom, Bombardier, Canada, and Germany's Siemens trains branded services manufacturers.
TheTEPO-AUTO car washing machine Brand: The TEPO-AUTO automatic washing machine develop to the global high-end customer specifically, the cost-effective advantage and a good world applications reputation advantage make TEPO-AUTO a brand known. The TEPO-AUTO washing machine in the world over 60 customer case demonstrates the brand's real strength lies. TEPO-AUTO car wash have a good car wash system manufacturing experience and professional car wash program-building programs which can help customers solve the most effective planning of the professional car wash.
North Star washing machine Brand: The North Star car wash Autobase provide cost-effective series of washing machine for its customers in China, this series of car washing machine only sold in China, the Autobase's TEPO-AUTO car washing machine mature experience made the North Star brand more competitive. North Star washing machine is a good product no matter in price or technology ,and it make it come true that the Chinese customers can have Autobase washing machine, since then let the customers of those who demand high-quality washing machine is get a chance. TEPO-AUTO washing machine after years of technology upgrade and machine upgrade, the price is rapidly adjusting, which make the customers can buy it ,based on this situation, AUTOBASE launched a series of high quality automatic machine that suitable for the Chinese customer.
Autobase, whether in the field of automotive service or automatic washing machine manufacturing, are all entitled to a good customer base and customer reputation. Our customers are around the world which let us every step of the development is highly-regarded. Autobase,which is involved in the service areas because of the car, bloomed beautiful because of the car service.

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