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Autobase prize quality, cherish insistence

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Autobase prize quality, cherish insistence

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Autobase covers three brands AUTOBASE, TEPO-AUTO, and TOPTECH. Its specialized brand that pitches the middle-high market in the whole world let Autobase achieves global high end quality. Autobase has been complete each matter perfectly diligently. Actualizing specific development idea in view of global region customer, combining point and surface, service for first! Guiding calling development! 

At present, the development of global car washing has already entered < exceeding developing period>. At the same time, as one of the most famous five brands in global car washing, Autobase opens out the development strength of China perfectly in the global car wash domain. It steadies the unshakable viscounty of Autobase in the global car washing calling extremely. Autobase not only represents , but also represents < spirit which is the Chinese nation never gives up >, which world-class brand with strong Chinese nation style receives the customer respect and affirmation!
Autobase car washing equipment services Mercedes-Benz, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, Lamborghini, Porsche and so on many world top automobiles successively. Autobase was approbated by clients, but at the same time Autobase also noticed own insufficiency. Striving for the survival, striving for the development, to study and communicate unceasingly, this is the enterprise spirit of Autobase. Does not disparage, doesn’t flatter, doesn’t boast, which operation spirit is inimitable enterprise charm of Autobase—world top car washing equipment.
Autobase wash systems pay more attention to quality safeguard, greatest degree satisfied global customer request. From 2006, Autobase wash systems carry on the comprehensive promotion, adopts global upstage imported brushes from Germany. It cannot scratch the car lacquer, at the same time, it satisfy with the high demand which is needn’t replace during its life-time, was called “lifelong brushes” in the world. It solved the problem which is brush is vulnerable easily on this point. At the same time, Autobase also carry on exclusive optimized upgrade on the control systems. Simens's program control system enhances the automated high standard request. Autobase wash systems technology group also pay more attention the structural arrangement, achieving optimize disposal, it is no dead angle when wash the car. Autobase wash systems has already got European strictest CE safe authentication, especially on mechanical design! Truly incarnate Autobae wash systems prize quality and cherish insistence.

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