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Autobase-CEO-Xu Zhu attends 2009APEC SMEs Summit HBH Branch Forum

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Autobase-CEO-Xu Zhu attends 2009APEC SMEs Summit HBH Branch Forum

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On July28th, 2009, “Survive intelligently in the undulatory era—Innovative strategy under multi-environment” 2009APEC SMEs Summit HBH Branch Forum is held by Alibaba(16.92, -0.10, -0.59%) and Chinese Operation Newspaper Office in Beijing. The above is Beijing Autobase Company—International CEO Mr. Xuzhu.

AUTOBASE—Xu Zhu: Small and Medium Enterprises are lack of brand awareness

Xu Zhu: Autobase is a young company and set up by me with only over 7 years.

   Our company develops until now, a course that was by no means smooth. Today I bring one idea here because financing difficulty is one of the biggest problems for SEMs. Capital flow is the biggest problem in development for us manufacturing enterprise. Especially the transition from manufacturing enterprise to service enterprise needs a lot of investment. Autobase peels rail transit off from the initial washing equipment filed and develops global rail transit industry professionally. We equipped for world-renowned train manufacturers successively like DB Group in Germany, Bombardier Group in Canada, ICE Company in France and etc. Now we are still doing it. We transited from manufacturing service direction to professional service filed from 2008. We specially set up professional company named Autobase Car Service Franchise which is world-wide. Service enterprise can make more profits and propaganda his own firm as well as support own brand in the whole market competition. SEMs face two most difficult aspects. One is capital and the other is company orientation, the company development direction and product orientation direction in the strategic early stage. We deal with global trade covering over 90 countries with rapid speed and sales turnover this year is three times more than that of last year so financial crisis doesn’t have any aspect to Autobase. Organization committee asks us to come here this time in order to share some experience and make some communications in experience. My company has processed a hardship without any infusions of cash. How did Autobase develop to today eventually? About this, they want to listen to our deepest opinion.


   Few of SEMs in China can make clangorous brand in the world, lack of brand awareness. Autobase strides this step firmly. Our most important task is to make our brand and service to the world this year. Autobase is leading in world-wide vehicle washing equipment industry. We came in seventh last year. We ascend that rapidly with company brand for several decades among those enterprises in the world. In the early times, we made OEM for a German company and make vehicle wash equipment professionally. At that time, we didn’t make much accumulation of funds but we learned much during this period. During this period, what does Chinese need to do? Firstly, make a peace of mind without anxious for success to do something. Chinese SEMs especially for some young entrepreneurs are all developing enterprises flighty and impetuous.

   Autobase upholds the 4S idea to develop firm. Firstly, information, how to make our products, for what areas shall we develop products in the world. We are very clear and thought cannot be changed. This is the biggest problem SEMs face. Secondly, manufacturing and R&D abilities, proprietary intellectual property rights matter. This is a very important part. Whether can we SEMs learn from the world and learn good products in good firms, how will they research and develop. We cannot just copy but we have to develop products for some area according to some conditions. Thirdly, sales, it is the most difficult to make industrial sales in the world. We form social sales which are very new filed. It is especially hard to make global sales. We think it crucial that in order to do it well, we have to choose our client base and what middle end, high end client base we shall deal with. Market orientation is the most significant thing. Fourthly, service. Any filed cannot leave service especially pre, mid and after sales. This is 4S mechanism, the idea and development direction we carry constantly. 

  Why shall we transform from industrial type to service type? It is because service is the most crucial factor which supports a brand influence. A company needs to accumulate during development especially in cultural aspect. It is wrong to learn how to make out the brand from them if Chinese firms want to go outside. But we have to settle in Chinese culture to make brand promotion. This is what we should do. Autobase always advocates human orientation. We appease inside before outside. If a company inside has this or that kind of problem, it is difficult to do well in outside. We have not many staff but with not a little sales turnover. A company which makes like us should have more staff than us. Whether a small team can do things that a big firm can make is very crucial. We are discussing about creation all the time and how shall we develop our firms. Together with creation, whether we can think things clearly we want to do and straighten out thoughts are very significant.

This is what I think. Thank you.


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