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Autobase passed through its extraordinary 2009 year.

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Autobase passed through its extraordinary 2009 year.

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Autobae passed through the extraordinary 2009 year , special 2009 year. 
Autobase go global from China, go to the high end from the middle end ,   which all prove d our work result. During 2009, Autobase was well accepted form the global. It is appointed as the only train wash supplier by DB group, Also Autobase is designated as the car wash supplier by Mercedes-Benz, Besides that, Autobase is appointed as the car wash and water recycling equipment by Rolls-Royce. However, This is our past , we should continue working harder to serve better for the global customer.
Autobase has gone through numerous difficulties from the beginning as a small company to a company well accepted by the world, also we developed ourselves while keep improving. Thanks for the support from worldwide customer , at the same time , we deeply understand that the importance of the services . Autobase who consider the services first carried out the trouble-free type services , it is the second year when it was pushed to the global customer. This services has changed Autobase’s position in the global marketing environment, and also influence the whole services direction and services systems pattern of the goal vehicle wash industry.
2009 year, the optimize of AUTOBASE product get the approve from customers, and the known of TOPTECH Car Washing System top market are lifting constantly. AUTOBASE manufacture product will not stop the technology update, especially consider the safety, stability, lower maintain cost, washing comfortable during customer using. AUTOBASE adjust the product structure constantly and practice prove our hard work get the high appreciate and recognize.
TEPO-AUTO car washing machine of AUTOBASE are rated the best welcome note award and the same time, TEPO-AUTO car washing machine of middle market sale is more show up and take consideration of “ The Best Car Wash System” by customers.
Each step of AUTOBASE take care of customer really demand and in the area of global car washing machine manufacturer, we live together and develop as the calmful mind with the same industry. The sincerely treatment for each customers is the unchangeable service tenet for AUTOBASE
AUTOBASE take the global strategy as the develop director and effect the all global as Chinese unique way.   

e-mail:  china@carwash.cn    carwash@carwash.cn   autobase@carwash.cn  tepo-auto@carwash.cn

TEL: 400-660-1949


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