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Waterproof Electronic Car Park Gates , Stable Automatic Car Park Barriers Fence

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Waterproof Electronic Car Park Gates , Stable Automatic Car Park Barriers Fence

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Product Details

Waterproof Electronic Barrier Gates Automatic Parking Barrier Fence




Barrier Gate with rubber boom uses the third generation motor. It is stable and has long service life performance, running one million times. Its housing is made of galvanized steel with 1.5mm thickness, and painted, so that the barrier can be used in door and outdoor.


Mechanical characteristics


1. equipped the software trap with hardware watchdog chip control, never crash

2. sophisticated automatic tracking balancing mechanism to allow arbitrary position static torque is zero, and thus reduce the maximum driving power and extend the life of the body

3. box adopt advanced waterproof structure and the outdoor anti-aging spray treatment,durable,do not fade


Electrical characteristics:

1. using magnetic induction hall devices to stroke control, non-contact work, never wear offset.

2. Adopting optocoupler, non-contact, zero-crossing conduction technology,no spark interference in control board,high reliability work

3. lifting timeout and motor overheat protection, to prevent the gates of non-normal damage

4. cut power protection by double mechanical limit switch

5. optically isolated serial communication interface, isolation voltage greater than 1500V, to ensure the safety of the host computer, anti-automobile spark strong electromagnetic interference, high reliable communication


characteristics of the movement performance:

1. non-uniform motion, fast start, slow stop, run more smoothly.

2. all activities connected joints installed bearings, and refill with antifreeze oil (stable operation in north and south regions)

3. reasonable structure design, can the barrier the lever always keep running in the range of 90 degrees, and do not need to adjust the vertical and horizontal position

1. Barrier type: colors of straight type can be chose.

2. Length: 2 to 4 meters

3.Lifting time: 1.4 seconds

4. Working Principle: turbine drive one machine

5. Communication protocol: RS485 interface, or to a sense of detection protection device

6. Box Size: 350*350*1050mm

7. Working power: AC220V/150W

8. Body net weight: 65kg

9. Suitable temperature: -30 ℃ ~ +85 ℃



1. This barrier gate is widely used for the facilities of parking lots, traffic or toll system, we don’t suggest for high way and other heavy duty application.
2. Arms can be chosen from 2 meters to 6 meters.
3. Manual handle can be used to open the arm in case power off.
4. All the process is soft without any noise and shaking.
5. This barrier gate has many input terminals for photocell, Airwave switch, loop detector, LED light bar, toll gate system and output terminals for flashing light.


For the things that most customer want to know


1. One year's free servicing is supplied( not including the arm)
2. Lifetiom charged servicing is offered.
3. Technology servicing is supplied


The following situations are charged for servicing (or changing):
1. Broken by wrong installation.
2 Broken by improper voltage.
3. The surfaces of the system destroyed by wrong installation our use.
4. Broken by natural disaster.
5. Overdue
6. Servicing items out of our promises.
The upgrade and improvement of the product won't be notified if there is any.
The explaining authority of this product instruction and service article belong to the production factory.




1. Are you manufacturer or Trade Company?

We are professional and leading BARRIER GATE manufacturer, founded in 2008.


2. What's the order process?

a. Inquiry--- The more information you provide, the suitable product we can provide for you! The information such as

the gate run speed, length of arm, power source or other specials you give us will be more appreciated.

b. Quotation---official quotation form with all clear specifications.

c. Sample confirmation---sample will be shipped out in 2 days.

d. Payment terms--- T/T 100% advance payment. PaypaL, Western union.

e. Production---mass production

f. Shipping--- by sea, air or courier. Detailed picture of package will be provided.


3. What terms of payment you use?

T/T, paypal, western union




1. Packaging Details:Packaging by wood boxesand paper cartons.
2. Delivery Detail: 2-15 days.

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