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OEM 1CH 1MP/1.3MP/2MP/3MP/4MP/5MP AHD fiber converters,ahd video transmitter&receiver for CCTV system

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OEM 1CH 1MP/1.3MP/2MP/3MP/4MP/5MP AHD fiber converters,ahd video transmitter&receiver for CCTV system

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Product Details

1CH AHD Fiber converter also named as 1CH AHD fiber transmitter and receiver,which is an universal type supporting 1MP/1.3MP/2MP/3MP/4MP/5MP TVI / CVI / AHD over a single fiber optical fiber , to achieve megapixels level analog HD video point to point highly and reliably transmission over one core multimode or single-mode optical fiber without delay. It also supports the regular analog video format such as PAL / NTSC /SECAM , it is a kind of universal fiber transmission solution for CCTV analog video and data signals . This equipments are available for either standalone or rack-mount installation, which is suitable for different working environment . Electronic and optical adjustments are never required. LED indicators are provided for instantly monitoring system status.

1CH AHD Fiber converter Feture:

1, advanced lightning protection design, support 4KV lightning protection;
2, industrial design, SMT process;
3, all-digital optical fiber transmission platform, the same platform multi-service flexible configuration;
4, can provide desktop, centralized card rack two ways;
Independent intellectual property rights large-scale ASIC core;
5, single fiber transmission, optional 20KM, 40KM, 60KM, 80KM, 100KM long-distance transmission.
support 300,000 standard definition video and 1MP, 1.3 MP, 2MP,3MP,4MP,5MP camera 1280X720P/30Hz, 1280PX960P/30Hz, 1920X1080P/30Hz,,2560x1440P/30Hz, 4096x2160P/30Hz resolution analog HD coaxial video, studio-level transmission quality;
7, non-compressed real-time transmission to ensure the best video transmission

1CH AHD Fiber converter Application:

1. Urban Traffic Monitoring System
2. public security, safe city monitoring system
3. highway security, charging system
4. buildings, campus monitoring network
5. Industrial monitoring (airport, chemical, iron and steel, petroleum, railway, water conservancy, mining, etc.)
6. Military monitoring (storage, frontier defense, guard, national defense, etc.)
7. Power oilfield, television program transmission system
8. Gymnasium (live video, audio transmission)



Output Power-8~3dBm
Optic fiber50/125u multimode,62.5/125u multimode,9/125u single mode
Rx sensitivity-26dBm
Optical connectorFC,ST,SC (selectable)
Distance0~550M (MM) / 0~80KM (SM) (Default distance is 20Km)


Number of Channels1
Input/output impedance75 Ohm (unbalance)
Standard video input/output voltage1.0Vp-p
Video Bandwidth50MHz
Sampling Bandwidth8bit
Sampling Frequency108MHz
Signal to noise ratio>67dB
Rise and Fall time<0.8ns
Optical Signal Intrinsic Jitter<0.2 UI
Differential Gain< ±1%
Differential Phase< ±1%
video pixel






Mechanical Structure & Environment

PowerDC5V 2A
Power Consumption≤6W
Working Temperature-15ºC ~65ºC
Storage Temperature-40ºC ~85ºC
Relative Humidity5%~95% ( no condensation)
MTBF≥ 100000Hours
Dimension For The Converter(TX&RX)105x108x27MM
Dimension For The Package of 1 Pair320x247x61MM
Net Weight0.7KG
Gross Weight0.8KG


Standalone Dimensions:

Interface introduction and LED indication function

The front panel of the transmitter & receiver has one BNC connector, three green indicators, and one data interface (pure video optical transceivers do not have this connector), as shown in the following figure:


The front panel interface is:

1, fiber interface;
2, BNC video interface (BNC video interface on the transmitter for the video input interface, connected to the video port, the corresponding LED1 indicator will light up. BNC video interface on the receiver for the video output interface, used to connect video recorders or other display devices);
3, data interface (5pins Terminal Blocks,the PIN1and PIN2 connected to the video recorder or camera 485 data port)


The transmitter & receiver has a grounding hole on the  back panel and a power supply DC block connector, as shown in the following figure

The interfaces on the rear panel are: grounding holes for connecting and releasing ground to achieve better lightning protection and anti-static effects; and a power interface for connecting an external power adapter.


LED Indicator Description
PWR --power indicator
FIBER-- fiber connection indicator
LED1-- video interface indicator


Connection Diagram:


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