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Shenzhen Calibeur Industries Co., Ltd.

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Address: B46 Bldg.,Tanglang Ind.Zone,Xili,Shenzhen,China

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Shenzhen Calibeur Industries Co., Ltd.

About Us

Calibeur is a leader in the designning and distributing lifestyle consumer electronic products in six categories of measurements: environmental protection, energy conservation, health care, IT communications, sports and home systems.  All our products highlight our goal… “smart experience”.

Since 2002, Calibeur’s reputation and corporate image have grown in international markets. We carry on cross-industry cooperation with clients from different industries, including Amazon.com, Carrefour, Oregon Scientific, Flextronic, and many other respected firms.  Furthermore, we are now broadening our strategy of cross-industry cooperation, especially cross the Internet .   

 At the same time, the company’s own brand – Calibeur – has become widely recognized in the domestic market. Our innovative products have gained a high degree of market acceptance for enhancing our customer’s quality of life.  We are highly attentive to people’ experience, using their feedback to drive our technology forward.  We use our marketing experience to focus our products at the 400 million young people aged from 20 to 35 in China.

Calibeur extends our brand advantage in the measurement industry based on high-quality team work and sophisticated supply chain management,

Our Values:

Application and innovation, benefit the public, enhance Chinese culture and national status

Our Vision:

Use Calibeur technology for the advancement and enrichment of our customer’s daily life.

Core Competence:

Customer experience and CRM(customer relationship management).

Commitment to our Customers:

Explore experience, quickly response, cooperation, co-acquaint, perspective.

Our Mission:

Use Calibeur’s practical applications of science and technology to improve our world and our environment.

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Company Name: Shenzhen Calibeur Industries Co., Ltd.
City: shenzhen
Province: guangdong
Address: B46 Bldg.,Tanglang Ind.Zone,Xili,Shenzhen,China