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Brasilia Cadetta

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Brasilia Cadetta

Country/Region China
City & Province Zhuhai Guangdong
Categories Air Freight

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To make a good cup of coffee needs four elements:

The first is the high quality and fresh ground coffee beans.

The second is the mix and match of coffee beans.

The third is understanding of the coffee characteristics and a good barista skills

The Last is an excellent coffee machine.

As long as you use of high-quality coffee beans and coffee machine, and a little thought, you can make a cup of coffee you can be proud of.

Honolulu THS Coffee not only provides a variety of different tastes and styles of coffee beans, but also offers a variety of coffee machine options, from basic to professional models.

Brasilia Cadetta


High quality ROSSI BREWING SYSTEM items

and large capacity boiler grant faultless thermal

stability in coffee extraction and absolute coffee

quality, cup by cup.

Brewing group for ground coffee.


Automatic version (Digital) controlled by electronic at microprocessor.

Semi-automatic version (P) with continuous

delivery by push-button.


Programmable dispense keys for precise volumetric dosing.

One button for group that enables the continuous delivery.


All chromed wands, one for steam and one for

hot water, designed to swivel at 360° to facilitate

easy operation with the addition anti-burn

protection safety handgrips.


  1. Filter-holder for coffee pods or capsules

Ariete Caf Roma

1150-Watt espresso/cappuccino maker with 15-bar pressure system

10-Ounce burr grinder offers dual dispensing system for continued flow or storage

Anti-drip valve and self-priming system; chrome-plated brass filter holder

1-3/4-quart removable water reservoir; frother attachment; cup-warming plate

Measures 11 by 13 by 14-inch

Saeco idea-cappuccino

1The Saeco Idea Cappuccino office coffee machine is an ideal fresh bean and fresh milk coffee solution for medium to large offices or workplaces. The fully automatic Saeco Idea Cappuccino combines stunning design, hi-tech performance and compact dimensions.

Operating the Saeco Idea Cappuccino from the preparation of coffee to the dispensing of hot water and steam, is completely automated by the simple press of a button. The Saeco Idea Cappuccino allows to up to 4 milk-based drinks selections, mixing them as desired. All machine functions are programmable from front buttons and digital display with full range customisation for any selectable drink.

The Saeco Idea Cappuccino is equipped with the exclusive professional cappuccinatore, integrated on the inside of the dispenser. In this way both coffee and milk are dispensed at the same time. The practical and clean hygienic cappuccinatore takes the milk directly from the milk container, transforming it into a thick, creamy foam.

The cappuccinatore comes standard with a sanitizer that automates the cleaning process for each single use.

Schaerer Coffee Art (One Grinder)

Espresso and coffee in perfect quality. The entry model of this series is equipped with 230V. With the milksystem "Milk light", all trendy coffee beverages can be produced by just pressing one single button.

Ideal for:

Small restaurants

Small canteens


Convenience stores

Small cafs and coffee shops

Schaerer Siena 2

Perfect for the small office of up to 30 staff- the Schaerer Siena 2 is a fully automatic coffee machine capable of making espresso coffee, long black & cappuccino with ease. The Siena 2 has been in our showroom and is near new. Comes with 12 month parts warranty.

Swiss Made

Fully automatic- one touch operation

Heavy duty brew group for coffee

Large 2.8 litre water tank- no plumbing required

Makes espresso coffee, long back, cappuccino

Hot water spout for tea

Only 314mm wide

10 amp power required


Six beverages at a touch (Espresso, Caf creme, Cappuccino, Latte macchiato, Hot water for tea, Milk foam)

Milk Smart System for perfect milk foam

Height-adjustable double outlet for coffee and milk

Grinder with precision grinding mechanism

Automatic hot water dosing

Inlet for ground coffee

Automatic cleaning and decalcification programme

Start/stop dosing action

Elegant control panel with touch concept

Multi-lingual LCD display

Barista function for adjusting the coffee strength


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Operating the Saeco Idea Cappuccino from the preparation of coffee to the dispensing of hot water ...
To make a good cup of coffee needs four elements: The first is the high quality and fresh ground ...