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Sichuan Forever Radiation Technology Co.,Ltd

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China Academy Of Engineering Physics, ”CAEP”, The Ninth Scientific Research Institute established in China, founded in 1958, mainly studies shock wave physics, nuclear energy technology, laser technology, wind tunnel technology, electronic technology, functional materials, military technology, 9th Academy”, Its Chinese pronunciation is transliterated into EnglishForever”.

China Science City, Research are Forever, Science is infinite” CAEP established a city named "China Science City" in September 2000, which is located in Mianyang, Sichuan Province, China.

Sichuan Forever Holding Group, It is a CAEP asset management company, managing 116 enterprises associated with forever, involving new materials, engineering plastics, chemical industry, laser, electronic communication, software, banking, technology transfer and other industries.

Sichuan Forever Radiation Technology Co.,Ltd, Parent company Sichuan Forever Science & Technology CO.,LTD (Dec., 2000) , Located in China Science City, it belongs to Sichuan Forever Holding Group, the asset management organization of China Academy of Engineering Physics. It is a hybrid enterprise producing military and civilian products. After inheriting CAEP's China's first Russian accelerator in 1958, it has developed a company focusing on nuclear technology and accelerator, engaged in applied research and product development of radiation processing industry And production, including pipeline irradiation cross-linking materials, communication cable irradiation cross-linking materials, power cable irradiation cross-linking materials, electron irradiation cross-linking materials, polyethylene cross-linking foaming, electron beam irradiation sterilization, radiation disinfection, flue gas irradiation desulfurization and denitrification, etc., and relying on CAEP strong new material technology, carried out engineering plastics, polymer materials, hot melt adhesive and other related products, and technology transformation Let's have a look at materials and testing services.

Sichuan Forever Radiation Technology Co.,Ltdis the birthplace of China's radiation crosslinking materials. As the National Rradiation Crosslinking Heat Shrinkable Material Technology Center, the pipeline radiation crosslinking heat shrinkable material technology has been extended to most of China's pipeline radiation crosslinking heat shrinkable manufacturers. The products are manufactured according to Chinese Standard GB/T23257 / Russian Standard GOST P 51164 / European Standard EN12068 / German Standard DIN30672 / International Standard Organizatio ISO21809. China's first DVGW testing and certification enterprise in 2005.

Sichuan Forever Radiation Technology Co.,Ltd, The main products are 3LPE Heat Shrinkablhke Sleeve, HDD Pipeline Shrinkable Sleeve, 2LPE Heat Shrinkable Tape, 3LPE Heat Shrinkable Tubular Sleeves, Polyethylene Pressure-sensitive Adhesive Shrinkable Sleeve, 3LPE & 3LPP Heat Shrinkable Wrapping Tape, Heat Shrinkable Water-proof End Cap, 3LPP Heat Shrinkable Sleeve, Epoxy Primer, Repair Patch, PE Melt Stick, Heat Shrinkable 3LPE Tape For Pre-insulated Pipe, Non-crystalline Low-viscosity Polyolefin Based Visco-Elastic Coating System, Cold-applied PE/PVC Tape (Polymeric Tape) Coatings, Petrolatum And Wax-based Tape Coatings, Double Sided Extrusion Butyl Rubber Sealing Adhesive Tape, OEM Heat Shrinkable Material Service, Auto-Matic and Manual Type Installation Tools, Irradiation Service, Third Party Inspection Service.

Sichuan Forever Radiation Technology Co.,Ltdhas 3mev10ma electron traveling wave linear accelerator made in Japan and 10MeV electron traveling wave linear accelerator made in Russia 1mA electron accelerator, EPS-electron beam irradiation processing system, dry electronic thin tube continuous expanding machine made in Korea, wet large diameter continuous expanding machine made in Korea, pipe compound extrusion unit made in Korea, continuous gluing machine made in America, sheet continuous laminating machine, continuous stretcher, continuous crimping machine, end cap automatic expanding machine and other production equipment, as well as Huck rheology tester made in Germany and Regel electronics Universal testing machine, 150KV partial discharge testing system, crosslinking degree testing system and other experimental testing equipment have established the most advanced and complete variety of heat shrinkable products production base in China.

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High Temperatures 3-Layer (3LPE) Heat Shrinkable Tubular Sleeves (EN12068/DIN30672)
3-Layer (3LPE) Heat Shrinkable Water-proof End Cap (C30/C50) (EN12068/DIN30672)
3-Layer (3LPE) Heat Shrinkable Tapes (C30/C50) (EN12068/DIN30672) Product Profile Closure Patch is a ...
High Temperatures 3-Layer (3LPE) Heat Shrinkable Water-proof End Cap (EN12068/DIN30672)
High Temperatures 3-Layer (3LPE) Heat Shrinkable Tapes (EN12068/DIN30672)
High Temperatures 3-Layer (3LPE) Heat-Shrinkable Tubular Sleeve (FJC 14B) (ISO21809-3)

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