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W Beam Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine 380V 3phase GCR15 Roller 18-20MPa

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W Beam Highway Guardrail Roll Forming Machine 380V 3phase GCR15 Roller 18-20MPa

Country/Region china
Categories Rubber Processing Machinery Parts

Product Details

1. Technique parameters of the processing line

1. Main size:14000*2400*1300MM(L*W*H)

2. Total weight:about 20 ton

3. Main power:30KW

4. Reducer:use PM650 type,radio:1:31.75

5. Main frame:400MM H steel

6. Gear box base: use steel welding, planing above

7. The gear box and the spindle are connected by universal joint

8. Medium plate thickness: 20MM

9. Main shaft: GB 45 # steel, quenched and tempered, shaft diameter 80MM

10. Bearing: Harbin Bearing, Model 6215

11. Roll mold: GB bearing steel, rough machining by ordinary lathe, CNC finishing, quenching, surface polishing, hard chrome plating.

12. Roll row number: 16 steps

13. Roller thickness: 2-4MM

14. Plate speed: 3 to 5 m / min

2. Processing technique and deployment

Processes: Man-made un-coiler—Roll forming machine—PLC system—Hydraulic system—Receiving table

Components of line:

(1). Man-made un-coiler set

(2). Main machine for roll forming set

(3). Control system set

(4). Hydraulic system set

(5). Receiving table Set



Guardrail roll forming machine


1. Matching material: according to the drawing

2. Material thickness range: 4mm

3. Main motor power: 37 KW ( 45kw )

4. Forming speed: 6-8m/min(include the punching and cutting time)

5. hydraulic station power: 22KW (30kw)

6. Quantity of stands: about 16 (18)

7. Shaft Material and diameter: 90 mm, material is 45CR

8.Material Of The Stations: pig iron

9.Tolerance: 3m+-1.5mm

10.Way Of Drive: gear box

11. Controlling system: PLC

12. Total weight: about 8 Tons

13. Voltage: 380V/ 3phase/ 50 Hz

14.Size of the machine: L*W*H 12m*1.5m*1.2m

15.Material of forming rollers: Gcr 15, coated with chromed treatment

16.Material of cutter blade: Cr 12 mould steel with quenched treatment 58-62


Processes and componentsDe-coiling –material guiding-leveling-punching-roll forming- length sizing –cutting the panel-panels to the collecting platform— Finish



Manual de-coiler

( 1) Capacity: 3.0 tons
(2) Feeding width: MAX 1200mm
(3) Expanding range: 480-520mm
(4) Way of uncoiling: passive



PLC System


Comp(1) Voltage, Frequency, Phase: 380 V, 50 Hz, 3Phase (this can depend on customers’ requests)

(2) Automatic length measurement

(3) Automatic quantity measurement

(4) Computer used to control length & quantity. Machine will automatically cut to length and stop when required quantity is achieved

(5) Length inaccuracy can be amended easily

(6) Control panel: Button-type switch and touch screen

(7) Unit of length: millimeter (switched on the control panel)


Main Features


1) Simple structure in linear type ,easy in installation and maintation.
2) Modular Design: Easy To Maintain And Interchange.
3) Simple And Easy Operation: With Touch Screen/Operation Buttons.
4) 1 Year Warrenty: For Whole Galvanized Steel Profile Metal Roofing Roll Forming Machine (Except For Wear And Tear Parts)
5) Worldwide Service: Impressive Roll Forming Solution And Transport Lead Time.

Ⅱ, Applicable material
Thickness is 3mm±0.2mm , width is 482+3mm, yield strength is 235Mpa, side bend less t
10mm( base on 5m), the sheet surface is not rusty, smooth.

Ⅲ,Main parameters
1, Forming speed: about 20m/min
2, Decoiler Capacity: 10 tons
3, Coil Inner diameter: 500mm,600mm
4, Coil out diameter: 1700mm
5, Shearing motor: 2 X 1.1 KW
6, Pump Motor: 18.5 KW
7, Main Motor: 45KW(6phases)
8, Total Power: about 65 KW.
9, Material of forming rollers: D2 with quenched treatment
10, Material of shaft: High quality 45# steel with heat treatment.
11, Material of cutter, die Cr12 mould steel with quenched treatment
12, Out size dimension: (L X W X H)27 X 6 X 1.8 M.
13,Total weight: about 50 tons.

Article No.Item NameSpecification
2 waves highway guardrail roll forming machine
1Material of panelGI
2Thickness of feeding material3.0mm-4.0mm coil sheet
3Roller station18 stations
4Shaft Diameter100mm
5Productivity12-15 m/min
6Rollers' materialBearing steel
7Shaft material45# steel
8Weight10 ton
9length16 m
10Voltage380V 50Hz 3phases
12Decoiler3 Tons
14Driving wayChain transmission
15Chain size2 inch*2
16Cutting systemHydraulic cutter




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