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Heavy Load 80KN Cable Winch Puller For Overhead Line Transmission

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Heavy Load 80KN Cable Winch Puller For Overhead Line Transmission

Country/Region china
City & Province suzhou jiangsu
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Product Details

Heavy Load 80KN Cable Winch Puller For Overhead Line Transmission



It is used for tower erection,pole setting,stringing wire in electrical power line construction.

Winch can be modified as per requirement, such as changing curve capstan into straight even

cylindrical  shape and coming with steel rope.


Quality Control

We have the complete production equipments and professional production team to manage the whole process from production to packing shipment.All products will 100% test before delivery to ensure the quality.


Technical Data

Model TypePower SourceGearPulling Speed(m/min)Line Pull(KN)
JJM8-CDiesel engineSlow480


Operation method:

1, Before the machinery open , please open the winch drive clutch, the front and rear shift lever to the neutral position, and then to start running.
2, in the toggle clutch, the action should be fast and simply, otherwise the interlock brake does not work, the formation of an increase in the impact of automatic brake pawl. In the boot should not be too hard, to the pulley can drive the input shaft rotation will not slip is appropriate.
3, the gear must be opened when the transmission clutch, otherwise it may damage the gear, gear shift should check whether the process is tight, to prevent the phenomenon of jump block disorder.
4, the gear process, if there is difficulty in the block into the block, can not be forced to shift, you can use the hand device to help into the block, the specific approach: with a wrench toggle hand device, so that an angle of rotation, block.
5, the allowable load on the reel is 3T: 3000 kg when the slow turn,
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