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3 Ton Fast Speed Diesel Engine Cable Pulling and Hoisting Winch Machine

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3 Ton Fast Speed Diesel Engine Cable Pulling and Hoisting Winch Machine

Country/Region china
City & Province suzhou jiangsu
Categories Furniture Hinges

Product Details


3 Ton Fast Speed Diesel Engine Cable Pulling and Hoisting Winch Machine



Brief Introduction


It is set up high-voltage transmission lines and laying of aerial construction machinery underground cables, smooth, convenient for Tower Group legislature, set up guide (land) lines, lifting, pulling in a variety of complex conditions.

Widely used in electricity, telecommunications line construction group established tower, mobile actinomycetes, tight line, also in place lifting and construction, docks and other traction weights, suitable for field sites without electricity, using handy.

The experiments and field practice has proved that with a reasonable structure, small size, light weight, utilitarian large, flexible operation, easy handling, etc., the majority of electric power, telecommunications operators welcome.


Brake System


Automatic clamp brake and clutch brake transmission interlock two brakes are braking action in positive and negative directions.


Maintenance and safe use


1. Engine use and maintenance, according to the machine instructions.
2. Lifting shall not exceed in line with use.
Lubricating oil surface must be kept within 1/4 
3. gearbox, before using the machineoutside the bearing should add oil.
4. Automatic burning cars and interlock brakes, should always pay attention to the wear of the friction plate, the automatic braking gear and back tighten loose gap of 0.5mm, if the gap is greater than 1.5 mm, you must replace the friction plate, or likely to cause accidents.
5. Automatic brake load the gearbox, automatic normal lifting, due to the reverse gearis stuck, there is no "beep beep" sound when the back loose.
6. The bearing support frame is anchored on both sides of the reel anchor point, it can not be used as an anchor point to another location.
7. After the long-distance transport aircraft, before use, must be a detailed examination of the various components fastening screws loose, ministries parts is stagnant leak.Gearbox ZL4 aluminum body with screws on it should not be too tight and unnecessarydisassembly, but can not use a hammer.




Model NO.GearRated Pulling Force(KN)Pulling Speed(m/min)power
JM3Bslow1512.5diesel engine
reverse No lifting11.5


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