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Address: 2nd Fl, No.4A Hangfeng Rd. Fengtai Beijing 100070

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BWT Beijing Ltd

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About Us

We Focus on Diode Laser

BWT has been focusing on fiber pigtailed diode laser packaging and assembly for more than 10 years.We thrive ourselves to continuously innovation in design, research, development and manufacturing the most cost effective solution for our customers.By continuous improvement of production processes and pursuing of higher quality standards, BWT has won wide recognition and trust from both our domestic and abroad customers in the areas of fiber laser pumping, Computer To Press (CTP), DPSS laser pumping, medical use, illumination, industry and scientific. Today, BWT has become the leader in diode laser coupling and packaging. With professional knowledge and experiences, BWT devotes itself to provide comprehensive and reliable diode lasers and its total solutions.Long-term corporation and common development with customers are BWT’s always goal.

Products and Service

  • high power fiber coupled diode lasers
  • 405nm-1550nm wavelength
  • 1mW-300W output power
  • Variety of packages, optional functions of aiming beam, photo detector, TEC, fiber detector and so on
  • Flexible solutions and customization subsystem

Hot Products

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793nm 30W For 2µm Fiber Laser Pumping Features: 30W output power 105µm fiber core diameter 0.22N.A. ...
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High Power Pump Laser Diode Fiber Coupled 793nm 17W For Fiber Laser Pumping Features: 17W output ...
Fiber coupled 793nm / 6W / 0.15N.A. Pump Laser Diode Module K793DA3RN-6.00W Features: 793nm ...
793nm 7.5W Tm-doped Fiber coupled Pump Laser Diode Module with Competitive price K793DA3FN-7.500W ...

Company info

Company Name: BWT Beijing Ltd
City: beijing
Province: beijing
Address: 2nd Fl, No.4A Hangfeng Rd. Fengtai Beijing 100070