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Cooling Jacket 4000L Bright Tank Brewing Stainless Steel SUS304 With ISO / CE

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Cooling Jacket 4000L Bright Tank Brewing Stainless Steel SUS304 With ISO / CE

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City & Province wuhan hubei
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Product Details

ISO CE 4000L Stainless Steel SUS304 Bright Beer Tank With Cooling Jacket



Our Brite Tank available from 1 Barrel to 100 Barrels w/ an average 10% Head Space. All tank have a Dish top & bottom, Cylinder body. Certified stainless steel material for all tanks, with 100% TIG welded joints and seams with sanitary interior polish. Dimple Plate jacket for Glycol cooling & high efficient Polyurethane foam insulated. All tanks use Tri-clamp connections, are designed for up to 14.7 PSI and tested at 30

PSI. We can custom fabricate any tank to meet your brewery’s space and height restrictions


Quick Details

1. Products: Bright Beer Tank

2: Capacity: 4000L

3: With Cooling Jackets

4. Material: Sanitary Stainless Steel SUS304 SS316L

5. Function: Beer Purified

6. Over 10years strong factory

7. Customized service



-Total capacity: 4800L
-Usefull capacity: 4000L


Inside wall,SUS 304, 3mm

Outside wall, SUS 304, 2mm

-Insulation: polyurethane 100mm

-100%TIG welding with pure argon gas shield

-Cone bottom, 60-72 degree.Dome bottom for bright beer tank

-Cooling jackets on both cylinder and cone, SUS304, 1.5mm

-Dry hopping port on top

-Side mounted manway

-Carbonation stone(optional)

-Safety&vacuum valve on top

-Sample valve on side

-Test Pressure:0.3 Mpa,Working pressure0.2Mpa.

-Rotating racking arm on cone with butterfly valve

-Discharge arm with butterflyvalve

-CIP arm with 360° coverage CIP spraying ball

-Thermowell with high accuracy temperaturesensor: PT100



1: Sample Valve x1;

2: Pressure relief/vacuum valve x1;

3: Temp. sensor / thermometer x1;

4: Carbonation Stone x1;

5: Bottom outlet with butterfly valve x1;

6: Spraying Ball with down tube x1;

7: Stainless pipe legs with adjustable footpads x4;


Dimension FYI

CapacityCylinder (OD x H)OAHInner ThicknessFOB PRICE
7BBL1050 x 950mm1910mm3mm 
10BBL1100 x 1350mm2360mm3mm 
15BBL1300 x 1500mm2610mm3mm 
20BBL1350 x 1750mm2910mm3mm 
30BBL1500 x 2100mm3340mm3mm 
40BBL1700 x 2100mm3420mm3mm 
50BBL1750 x 2450mm3800mm3mm 
60BBL1800 x 2800mm4160mm3mm 
80BBL2100 x 2600mm4250mm3mm 
100BBL2200 x 2950mm4650mm3mm 



Bright beer tanks are often also called serving tanks, tax determination tanks or clear

beer tanks (=CBTs), bright beer tanks (=BBTs) or maturation or conditioning tanks.

These tanks are used for the storage of the beer prior to being served or packaged.

Depending on their application the beer serving tanks can be glycol jacketed or can

be located in a cold room.For brewpubs serving is often done by pumping or pressurizing

the beer toward the serving location.


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