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Hubei Yideli Light Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Yideli Industrial Park, Jinghe 3rd Road, Jinghe, Dongxihu, Wuhan,China

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Hubei Yideli Light Industry Technology Co., Ltd.

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About Us

HUBEI YIDELI LIGHT INDUSTRY TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. (shortened as YDL INDUSTRY ) is a professional manufacturer of manufacturer and supplier in brewery, chemical & pharmaceutical, food & beverage equipment industry, certified by ISO, CE, TUV, CSA etc. YDL INDUSTRY has over 10 years experiences in design, manufacture, installation and commissioning and try to be the client’s best partner for planning, design, fabrication, management and successful execution for each unique project, satisfy clients with excellent quality and considerate service.

Our main brewery equipment includes as followings: 

  • Malt Crushing System: Malt mill, Auger
  • Mash System: 2/3/4 Vessel Brewhouse
  • Fermentation System: Fermenter
  • Storage&Maturation System: Brite Tank
  • Water System: Hot Liquor Tank, Cold Liquor Tank, Pump
  • Cooling System: Glycol Chiller, Heat Exchanger
  • Cleaning System: Portable CIP/Integrated CIP
  • Filling&Washing System: Keg Filling machine/Keg Washing Machine
  • Others: Kegs, Filtration System etc.

We devote all our energy to meet your needs on any budget or production target. Our equipment is combined with good quality, beautiful appearance and durable using.

  • We only use quality SS304/SS304L/SS316/SS316L and fine red copper
  • Welders who have been welding for more than ten years only
  • Key components only use internationally renowned brands
  • Such as SIEMENS, ABB, Alfa Laval, we are using the best control instrument
  • No matter which part of the weld is welded, we shall protect it with argon of 9999.9% purity

Today’s crafting beer is a blend of both art and process and we love the artistry that today’s brewers are creating. However, we also believe that the application of science, engineering, technology, and automation can give brewers better tools to create even better works of art more efficiently, more economically, more consistently and with greater respect for our environment through unmatched sustainability.

YDL INDUSTRY is dedicated to being the best manufacturer and supplier of brewery equipment, technology, and services to the craft brewing market. Our mission is helping craft breweries CRAFTING BETTER BEER LIKE GENIUS

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Company Name: Hubei Yideli Light Industry Technology Co., Ltd.
City: wuhan
Province: hubei
Country: china
Address: Yideli Industrial Park, Jinghe 3rd Road, Jinghe, Dongxihu, Wuhan,China