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50L 100L home brewing equipment , brew kettle, 100L mash lauter tun, 100L fermenter with the dimple jackets

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50L 100L home brewing equipment , brew kettle, 100L mash lauter tun, 100L fermenter with the dimple jackets

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NO.NameModelTechnical SpecificationQty;GuaranteeFunction
1Malt MillerTY-150100KG/h,power:1.5KW,220V;mill type11yearsMilling the malt
2Boiling kettle100L

Stainless steel 304,volume:100L,electric heating,10KW;220V.

Dimension size:φ660×H1500

13 yearsBoiling and heating
3Mash lauter tun100L

Stainless steel 304,volume: 100L, standard false bottom


13 yearsMash and lauter the wort
4Wort pumpBAW-110Capacity:1t/h,220V,mash tun, lauter tank and the boiling kettle use the pump together11 yearsConveying the material
5Ice water tank200L

SS304, workable volume 200L,with the copper spiral pipe


13 yearsCooling medium storage
6Plate heat exchangerBR0.05With 2 leads for cooling, heating exchanger area 2 square memters11 yearsCooling the wort
7Fermentation tank100L

Stainless steel 304 ,workable volume 100L,automatic control the temperature

Appearance size:φ660×H1600

43 yearsStorage the beer
8RefrigeratorQ5.5SARefrigerator 2 P, 220V,totally closed compressor11 yearsCompress and cooling
9Oxygen device25Measure the temperature and feeding the oxygen11 yearsConnection
10Ice water pumpSGR400.37KW,220V, capacity:1T/h, lift: 15meters11 yearsRecycling the glycol water
11Installation material Including connecting the cooling medium, material conveying, control system and power system1set1 years//
12Saccharimeter10-20//4PCS0 yearsMeasure the sugar concentration
13Beverage pipes10-32Food grade pipes, with the correct head connection20 meters1 yearsTransmission the wort
14Parts &Accessories valves,pipes and the connection,grilled worse rake,test cylinder1set3 yearsMatched with tanks pipes
Product Package

By the wooden case for the mash system appearance size:1600×800×H1700 ;

By the wooden case,appearance:2900×860×H1800;

By wooden case ,ice water tanks and pipes,appearance:900×900×H1800

All of the stainless steel parts and fits be taken into the wooden case, we will attach the product quality certificate and the operating manual


First, we hand select the best ingredients from local farmers.

The grain (barley) is soaked and germinated to covert the insoluble starches into sugar that the yeast can turn to alcohol. This “green malt” is then dried at varying temperatures to create the different malt colors and flavors.

If you are the only state brewery to make your own malt using our in-house malting facility. This allows for complete control over the entire process, ensuring the best quality for our distinctive Cascade taste.


Onto the mash tun, here water is added to the malt at just the right temperature to convert the starch from the malt into natural fermentable sugars that the yeast can “eat”.

Your water isn’t just any water-it comes from special area which lies directly behind the brewery. It is said that this is one of the purest water sources in the world for it comes directly from rain clouds originating in the untouched South.


Lautering is the separation of the sweet malty liquid (called wort) from the grain husks which is collected.

The spent malt from this process is then recycled back into the local farming community for livestock feed, which is very important and necessary for starting new brewing cycle.


The wort is then transferred into a brewing kettle where fresh local hops are added by hand during boiling. It takes an hour or so to concentrate and sterilize the liquid and to allow the many biochemical changes to take place.

The hop alpha acids impart bitterness and the hop oils give the beer characteristic hop aromas. Think of it as “beer seasoning”

2. Brew house:

It is a complex chemical reaction process under suitable temperature. Starch into soluble sugar, after boiling with the hops together then it will begin the fermentation, adding enough yeast which can make the sugar reaction into the alcohol and dioxide etc. After a filtration and sterilization, the fresh beer can be drunk now.

The tanks can be used for mash process: make the starch reaction into soluble sugar.

And then by the kettle to boiling it before fermentation process. Now you can get the hot wort. During the process, we need mash lauter tun, boiling kettle for boil the wort and the hot liquid tank that can supply hot water in persistent.

3. Fermentation tanks:

By now, we have a liquid that has a malt character balanced with bitterness; but a crucial element is still missing: Alcohol. Yeast is the agent of fermentation. Without yeast, there would be no alcohol. And that is why we love our Cascade yeast. Tried, tested and true, this strain has remained unchanged since the 1820’s, perfectly suited in our ingredients and brewing style. It’s one of our great secrets. Maturation: The “green beer” is stored at cold temperatures to mature. This step is especially important for lager style beers because they are more delicate, needing time for the complex flavors to develop. Now the beer will begin its reaction about 2-3 weeks or much longer.

People can choose how many cone fermentation tanks according to the real product capacity, the cooling medium will by the dimple jacket around. If you have 1000L capacity of the mash lauter tank and boiling kettle, then the fermentation tanks can be 1000L or 2000L. 1:1 or 1:2 ratio is good.

4. BBT

The mature process is very important for beer taste, the beer can be send from the fermentation tanks into the bright beer tanks and start a last process.

The BBT full name is the Bright beer tank, the tanks with similar structure of the fermentation tanks, but the beer in BBT is finished beer, people can drink from it directly. Usually, the Bright beer tanks will be connect with bottle filling machines. Kegs, or canning line. Most of the large brew house need the BBT included in the whole brewing lines.

5. Ice water tank:

The tanks usually be used for cooling the beer in short time. The tank is with ice dimple jacket round the tanks.

6. Other necessary equipment:

1. Control system-with the PLC touch screen or digital displayer, which can realize the brewing in automatic or semi-automatic. Design can be variously style.

2. Miller-For grinding the malt into little particle.

3. Refrigerating system- The plate heat exchanger and the chiller, which be used for Cooling down the temperature of hot wort at the ice water tank.

4. CIP wash system-cleaning and sterilize all the tanks’ inner surface.

5. Filtration system- The beer is then filtered to remove any unwanted proteins and yeast. At this stage, it is called “bright beer”-even the Blonde.

6. Filling system and washing system- Once the beer is filled into bottles, cans or kegs, it is at its freshest. So we quickly send it out to pubs and bottle shops everywhere. After all, the formula is simple with beer: “Drink fresh, drink best.”

7. Pumps & yeast adding device

7. Brewing equipment accessories:

Related pipelines and kinds of valves/25 food grade hose/38 wired hose,

Iron shell thermometer/platinum resistance temperature instrument/Butterfly pads/Sugar measuring saccharimeter/Inflatable head/Measuring cylinder.

Equipment RequestComponents
1. Milling SystemMalt Miller
2. Mashing SystemMash/Lauter Tun
 Boiler Tank
 Heat Exchanger
 Wort Pump
 Stir Device (Optional)
 Other accessories are available: 1. Ornamental Pipe;2.Mashing Pipeline; 3. Operating Platform;4. Yeast Feeder; 5.Venturi Tube; 6. Butterfly Valve DN40; 7. Butterfly Valve DN32; 8. Soft Pipe; 9. Dregs Rake; 10. Sugar Measuring Cylinder; 11. Saccharimeter;
3. Fermenting SystemFermentation Tank

Other accessories are available:

1. L-Pipe; 2. Butterfly Valve; 3. Pressure Gage; 4. Solenoid Valve;

5. Vacuum Valve; 6. Cooling Pipe; 7. Thermal Insulation Pipe;

4. Cooling SystemIce Water Tank
 Refrigeration Machine
 Centrifugal Pump
 Ice Water Pump
 Relative Pipes and Valves
5. CIP SystemWashing Tank
 Sterilization Tank
 Pump and Valve
6. Filter SystemKieselguhr Filter
 Membrane Filter
 Filtered Beer Tanks
7. Packing SystemFresh Keg Packing Machine
 Pop Can Packing Machine
 Glass Bottle Packing Machine
8. Controlling SystemMashing Control Panel
 Fermenting Control Panel
 Refrigerating Control Panel

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