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Jinan Chenji International Trade CO.,Ltd

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Company Introduction

Jinan Chenji International Trade Co.,Ltd is a Hith-tech enterprise on the fermenting field, is the most professional and strongest comprehensive ability supplier for solvement of fermentation project. We are focuse on the beer system profect that refer to home brewing system, hotel/brewpub/beer bar brew equipment, small/medium/large beer brewery and even the school teaching brew equipment. Building with low cost and short period delivery date and comprehensive service, assist you improve the products value and the market competitive. Chenji Company established in the year of 2013, adopt the German advanced brewing technology and complies with domestic customers; requirements to design and manufacture micro brewing equipment The production process is superior, easy operated and simple to learn and understand. The black beer, yellow beer, green beer, pure wheat beer and pure barley beer etc. These various pure taste beer produced by the equipment are deeply adored by customers. The micro brewery equipment with capacity 1000L-5000L Tons per year is especially a good choice for township enterprise, verge area enterprise, personal investment for setting up micro beer plant, draught beer plant and updating equipment in the beer plants. 100L, 200L 300L 500L beer equipment is good suitable for hotel beer pubs and the beer garden. The 1000L -5000L usually served for the brewery for commercial use. The products have been widely sold in China and exported to Europe, America, Africa, Asia etc. Which make us good reputation from our internal and external customers.

Technical innovation of CHENJI

Our strict production procedure and high efficiency are vital bases to success. Based on this, we have made huge investment in introducing modern production equipment, building modern workshops and standardizing production procedure, so that every worker is able to working follow the scientific production procedure, and then our production procedure has been optimized as much as possible. It meets the increasing demands of our enterprise. The waste in production has been avoided. Production speed and quality have been increased, and finally, we have held the market.


After-sale service

We are comprehensive mechanical equipment company. We have our own factory, design office and sales department. Our company has always paid great attention to products and service quality. Customers’ trust and satisfaction has always been our company’s major support and motivation.


  1. When customer buy new machines, we will provide complete operation instructions and video introductions.
  2. We will provide free lectures, trainings and technical support to secure normal operation of machines.


  1. All products’ warranty period is one year, it is free to maintain during the warranty period.(Except the human factors or irresistible natural phenomenon)
  2. After problems happening, we will solve them within 7 days
  3. You can consult technical information through the after-sale service, and gain solutions.
  4. When you find malfunction troubles, we will solve problems according to sales contract and related laws
  5. We will provide technology guidance to our products, including every parts of machines.

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Company Name: Jinan Chenji International Trade CO.,Ltd
Country: china