GMP Sunburst Hair Growth Liquid For Hair Loss Treatment

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GMP Sunburst Hair Growth Liquid For Hair Loss Treatment

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GMP Sunburst Hair Growth Liquid For Hair Loss Treatment



Original real result sunburst hair growth 6in1 shou bang Additional Hair Dense hair liquid


Item Type:  Hair Loss Product

Brand Name:  Sunburst

Ingredient:  Herbal

Model Number:  6088

      Size:  3*50ml(sunburst)+1*25ml(free sunburst)+1 (Measuring cup)+1(hairbrush)

      Place of Origin:  China (Mainland)



Manufactured according to Chinese ancient formula.


SUNBURST hair nourishing liquid is made up of precious herbal medicines according to
Chinese ancient formula. It includes ginseng, radix salviae militiorrhizae, angelica
sinensis and saline cistanche etc. The production process employs the latest
technology to extract essentials from herbs and adopts an up-graded formula to
guarantee superior effectiveness.

It contains various trace elements which directly impact on hair growth. These
elements penetrate into hair follicles to resume their function of hair growth and
activate hair papilla, enabling more follicles to be generated.

The product is suitable for all kinds of hair losses such as postpartum alopecia,
alopecia seborrheica, hair losing arising from poor nutritional metabolism, male
hormone imbalances (shedding) and balding. It has the effect of oil control; stopping
hair losing, nourish hair and restoring balding.



How Sunburst Works 


 activates the hair follicles, hair roots strong, stop hairloss 

Clear the hair follicle pores of dirt, grease 

and poor metabolites, activate dormant hair 

follicles, solid hair roots, reduce hair loss, 

hair loss is no longer


fast hair growth, repair hair follicles to grow new hair, 

thick hair

Botanical herbal ingredients make hair follicle 

cells regenerate quickly, so that the dermal 

papilla mesenchymal cells reactivate and 

actively participate in oxygen exchange and 

nutrient absorption, a lot of hair matrix cells 

divide and synthetic hair, new hair grow dense



activation of melanin, black hair, thick and black

Plant vigor factor effectively accelerate cell 

division and reproduction of melanocytes 

arranged so that degradation of the hair 

follicle atrophy recovery, conditioning hair 

absorption function, start a normal hair 

growth cycle, hair black


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