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Foldable Round Table Plastic Blow Moulding Machine For 2m Table Board

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Foldable Round Table Plastic Blow Moulding Machine For 2m Table Board

Country/Region china
City & Province jiangsu
Categories Plastic Product Making Machinery

Product Details

Foldable Round Table Plastic Blow Moulding Machine For 2m Table Board , 2m Plastic Round Table Making Machine, HDPE Table Board Extrusion Blow Moulding Machine






1. SRB1000 blow molding machine used for 1000L as maximum, specially used for big sized boards & Pallets.


2. Its output for 2m round table board is 15 Pcs/hour, the daily capacity is 360 tables. 


3. Adopt straddle type machine frame for solid bearing, clamping unit can be moveable for changing mould easiliy.





Machine ModelFully automatic blow molding machine
Max Product Volume1000 L
Machine Weight57 Tons
Machine Size9.6x6.5x6.0 m
Screw Diameter100 mm x 2 Pcs
Plasticizing Capacity450 KG
Clamping Force1800 KN
Platen Size2200*2200 mm
Platen Opening Stroke1150-3200 mm
Max Mould Size2050x2050 mm
Accumulating Volume60 L
Max Ejection Weight45 Kg
Max Product Weight28 Kg
Max Die Diameter1250 mm
Total Power285 KW
Average Energy Consumption125 KW



Features & Advantages


1. Reasonable structure design and solid frame manufacturing to insure running stability.

2. Good head material runner deisgn and precision metal process for changing color easily.

3. According to your specified request, our machine can be made with co-extrusion of 1~3 layers and view stripe line.

4. Colorful touch screen, cantilever operation box, energy saving servo motor, robot arm and safety protection.

5. Total machine control system well match with pushing-out, core in/out, sub-mould de-molding, angle adjustable blowing unit, neck trimming tool, in-mould labeling, weight testing and leakage testing, product conveying & packing.





1. Machine Foundation Size: 10 x 8 m


2. Production Area: 18 x10 m


3. Minimum Workshop Height: 7.5 m


4. Air Supply Requirement: 3.0m3/min, 0.8Mpa


5. Water Supply Requirement: 60 Tons


6. Machine Power Consumption: 125 KW


7. Production Line Power Consumption: 180 KW


8. Whole Line Electricity Arrangement: 1000 Amps


9. Minimum Workers Number: 3~4 Workers



Total Machine Control System

- Brand of Wisetech made in Hongkong

- True color man machine control interface

- Simple but humanized pages easy for operation

- 100 point parison thickness controller & profile eddition

- Production technics and parameter saving for 20 moulds

- Professional engineer setting pages for problem diagnosis

- Short-cut key board & emergency stop for safety production

- Aluminum cantilever operation box and easy adjustment

- Remote technical support & program updating


Jerrycan & Drum Mould

- Mould material S50C, P20, magnalium for your choice
- Reasonable cold water runner design for heat transmission
- Cutting blade length & flatness for scraps easy removing
- Parison over-flow groove depth equal to product weight
- Suitable water inlet & outlet position for easy production
- Precise cold shrinkage calculation to insure filling volume
- Be-cooper for handle area to reduce deflashing burrs
- Multi-functional selection for mould action requirements
- Mould thickness matches with platen opening distance


Extrusion System

- High hardness bimetalic screw for longer lifespan
- Good screw and teeth design for better plasticizing effect
- Reialble performance of gear box, motor and inverter
- Belt wheel speed rate is calculated according to target output
- Pre-heating with intelligent protection for screw and motor
- 6 grade motor for bigger torque and longer lifespan
- Reasonable head runner design for color change quickly
- Die & core individualized according to your product width
- Thickened screw and bolts to avoid material leakage


Hydraulic System

- Composed of motor, pump, pressure regulating valve block, reversing valve blocks, cylinders and oil chillers
- Control platens open and close, sub-moulds up and down, blow pin up and down, special action technics for mould
- Optimized hydraulic design to adopt pressure, flow and time 3 factors to control action precision and smoothness
- Electric transducer control platen opening precisely
- High stationarity and reliability, accurate operation, long longevity and quick response





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