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Faucet-Mounted Use and Ionizer Type Multifunction Alkaline Water Ionizer

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Faucet-Mounted Use and Ionizer Type Multifunction Alkaline Water Ionizer

City & Province Guangzhou Guangdong
Categories Water Softener and Purifier

Product Details

Main performance index
Water yield1-3L/min
Rated voltageAC220V/50HZ(110V/60HZ can be ordered)
Power consumptionMAX-180W Standby:2.5W
Using hydraulic
pressure range
Electrolyzer materialSintering type titanium white gold ceramic diaphragm electrolyzer with titanium plate (Japanese
titanium plate Taiwan high-tech precise sintering titanium white gold)
The method of
rinsing electrolyzer
Automatic cleaning of about 10 seconds after using alkaline water, according to the water
quality condition to set, strengthening cleaning 30-90L(When cleaning,the light will be on.)
Electrolysis ability
to switch
Alkaline water four stages, clean water one stage, acidic water two stage.
PH value fine tuning126 stages,each stage fine-tunes.
PH value ajustmentAccording to the regional water quality difference to adjust(for reference)
Filter materialThe built-in filter PPF for high quality cotton filter
Filter lifetimeFactory setting is 6000 L of lifespan, according to the different water quality it can be set to
3000 L to 12000 L(about 3-12 months).
Safety deviceOCP ( over-current protection )
Range of scope
Luxury electrolysis water machineE320 is suitable for dispelling the effects of alcohol,smoke and oil,and also can sterilize
and diminish inflammation,help the pet shower,cook tea and food,beautify.
Product introduction
The electrolysis water which is electrolyzed by luxury electrolysis water machine E320 is repectively alkaline electrolyed water and acidic electrolyed water.Alkaline electrolyed water has the role of preserve one's health while the acid electrolyed water has the action of beautifing and cleaning.In addition, electrolysed water machine has three personalized standards: different water quality automatic selection, enough cell capacity and modularization design.
Main functions
A.The assisted effect of drinking electrolyed water
1.Long-term consumption of small molecular group water electrolysis is more likely to be absorbed by human body cell.
2. Strong penetration and solvency, accelerating metabolism, keeping body clean and unobstructed.
3.The calcium in ion state helps to compensate for insufficient intake of calcium content in human body.
4.The water is rich in minerals, after exercise,it can quickly replenish electrolytes and eliminate fatigue.
5.It has antioxidant capacity,which can reduce free radicals in the body.
6.Containing a large number of reactive oxygen species can enhance human immunity.
7.It is used to braise meat,fry fish and can remove smell, makes soup easily tasty.
8.Rice will be more tasty and glossy;coffee will be more savoury and mellow;making tea can remove bitterness.
B.The assisted effect of external use of electrolyed water
1.Using to wash face can quickly penetrate human pores and astringe skin.
2.Cleaning utensils, dishes, which can remove the oil and has good sterilization effect.
3. External use of electrolyed water to wash hair can make it pitch-black, soft and easy to comb.
4.As for zit, acne, etc., using water to the affected part in 30 minutes can help sterilization, anti-inflammatory.
5.When do laundry,it can sterilize and not easy to produce mildew.
6.Give your pet a bath, make hair luster, and not easy to produce peculiar smell.
1.Electrolyzers:It specially designed with the most advanced sintering type of nano titanium white gold electrode. Titanium is made of artificial bone material, with hardness, non-toxic, resistant to acid and alkali, high stability.Platinum is expensive and has good electrical conductivity, excellent ductility, stability and durability.
2.The built-in filter element:It is the import activated carbon fiber in the United States with highest technical content and admitted by the U.S. National Sanitation Foundation NSF certification.Contacting with the largest water area, strongest filtration adsorption ability,it is the common active carbon filter life several times and is widely used in the water filtration purification: NASA, more than half of the world's airlines, the Swiss government authority and family.
3.Circuit design: super power-saving circuit design with the size of ring transformer.
4.Filter replacement: dispose filters and save time, healthy, quick and easy replacement.
5.food-grade material: safe, reliable, green.
6.Fill with water and then can drink : don't need to store water,and is not affected by the second pollution, more healthy and safety.
7.Designs: elegant, diverse, comprehensive anti-cockroach design sealed to prevent mosquito breeding.
8.Computer programs: intelligent design, more grade multi-adjustment and prompts self-cleaning and filter replacement,suitable for all regions.
9. Electrolytic status: continuous electrolysis. Large water yield, the maximum can reach 5 l/min (electrolytic strength will change according to the water quality and water flow).
10. luxury: humanized seven color LCD liquid crystal display, filter lifetime, cleaning, water flow and setting state, electrolytic state (such as alkali, acid, clean water).
Product list
The standard configuration of the machine :Three plates and two electrolyzers/Built-in fine filter×1;Host×1;instruction book×1 ;warranty card×1;install fittings×1(it has G1/2 and tee,which can chosen any one group); equipped with three grade prefilter×1(The first and second level is PP cotton filter,the third is United States imported fiber activated carbon filte)

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