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Smart Extension Cord Hose Reel Automatic Locking For UAV Power Supply System

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Smart Extension Cord Hose Reel Automatic Locking For UAV Power Supply System

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Product Details

Optical fiber cable reel,intelligent optical fiber reel retractable smart cable drum


Optical fiber cable reel​ Description:

The JSR-JZ-FO01-2000 intelligent towing machine is used for intelligent control of the retractable cable in vehicles or other fixed places. The towing cable machine can control the speed and length of the retractable cable by the upper computer through commands. The cable reel can continuously transmit signals and current when rotating, and can be automatically adjusted by the tension closed loop when the speed of the retractable cable is not matched. Dynamic feedback of speed and length information to the host computer


Optical fiber cable reel​ Features:

The towing machine has been successfully applied to the power supply system of the UAV at the ground station, and the speed of the cable can reach 1m/s.


The cable reel that can be retracted by the cable can be a cable (power + signal), a cable (single or multi-core), a photoelectric hybrid cable, or the like.


A. With manual and automatic retractable functions;

B. It has hard command buttons to realize emergency functions such as receiving, discharging and stopping;

C. It can receive control commands such as receiving, discharging, stopping, and speed sent by the ground station, and control the receiving and discharging line device to operate according to the command;

E. It can provide the ground station with working status information such as the operating speed of the bobbin and the length of the wire take-up and pay-off;

F. It has the function of real-time length recording of receiving and discharging lines;

G. With active wire feeding function;

H. Has an orderly cable function;

I. has cable cooling device;

G. With automatic locking function, and carrying no more than 150n.m pulling force;

K. With mounting holes for fixed installation;

L. Lifting parts with lifting holes or lifting rings or handles;

M. With online receiving and discharging functions;

N. Has the function of transmitting power online.


Optical fiber cable reel Main Specifications:


The optical cable has a diameter of less than 13mm, and the smart reel has a cable length of 200 meters.

The intelligent retractable line device can realize the online receiving and discharging function of the cable, receive and execute the commands issued by the ground station, and feed back the specified information to the ground station.


Other special parameters:


a) RS485 communication mode or TC/IP network communication mode can be adopted between the control part of the electronically controlled retractable line device and the upper computer;

b) The electronically controlled retracting device algorithm needs to adopt closed-loop control mode, and the cable retracting length can be adjusted in real time according to the position information of the upper computer to ensure that the cable is not excessively stretched and excessively slackened.

c) The system has a tension sensor with a test cable pull. When the tension exceeds the threshold, the closed loop system can be adjusted in time.


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