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Frozen Complete” diets.

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Frozen Complete” diets.

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The Bones2Go! Philosophy.

Bones2Go! carefully selects products that we believe best represent our view of RAW feeding, healthy food and other products that promote a healthy, fun and rewarding lifestyle for you and your pet. We have hundreds of products to choose from and the best way to experience what we have to offer is to visit the store. We are currently working on an on-line shopping cart that will allow you to order products directly from us. Hopefully this will be made available soon. Check back to the home page regularly for updates and news on the on-line store. In the meantime check here for a summary of the types and brands of products we carry. You will also find useful information and what to consider when choosing a food or product for your pet. As always, if you have any questions give us a call or send feedback from the feedback section of the site.

Frozen "Complete" diets.

A complete diet, for this purpose, is a diet that has been tested by a laboratory and meets all AAFCO requirements for all stages of life, for either dog, or cat nutrition. Most raw products are tested to meet for cat and dog. These products are able to sustain your dog (or cat) without any additional supplements or variety offered, so in theory, you could pick one of the flavors offered and feed solely that food and your dog or cat would be just fine. Of course, your dog (and most certainly your cat!) will have something else to say about that!
Complete diets are the most expensive of the pre-made diets. They are generally more complex, in that they have multiple ingredients enabling them to meet the AAFCO standards. They are generally available in patty or nugget or medallion form for ease of feeding and quick defrosting. They are easy to store and very user friendly. Because of the need for quantity feeding of these complete” diets, either for large/giant breed dogs or for multi-dog households, some of the manufacturers are responding with bigger packages of the complete diets. Currently Nature’s Logic and Paw NatuRaw offer a 5lb roll and we offer case pricing (with mixed products from the same line) to help reduce cost. If you have the patience to divide these larger servings for smaller dogs, you can save some money by exchanging the convenience of patties or nuggets/medallions for some personal labor/time.
Examples of complete raw diets at Bones2Go! arePrimal (Formula) , BarfWorld, Nature’s Logic, Paw NatuRaw

Frozen Supplemental” diets.

Texas Department of Agriculture requires that any food intended for a dog or cat that is not complete per AAFCO guidelines must be labelled as for intermittent or supplemental feeding only”. What does that mean? Basically, that you cannot take one of these foods and only feed one kind to your cat or dog and expect it to thrive. There will be gaps in the nutritional profile and over time, your pet will not do as well. Supplemental feeding is not a bad thing, in fact, it is how we feed ourselves. We eat a little of this and that every day and over time we meet our nutritional needs by eating a wide variety of foods, and most of us do it without supplementing our diets with vitamins and minerals. We could not expect to eat a strawberry yogurt for every meal and expect to thrive, however healthy the yogurt may be independently!
Examples of supplemental diets (ground) at Bones2Go! are Primal (Mixes and Grinds). Supplemental diets are also created from parts and pieces” - when you offer whole chicken necks, turkey necks, lamb breasts and organ meats. We can source most kinds of meaty bones, organs, muscle meats and veggies either in bulk or smaller quantities depending on your needs.
Choices are a good thing for your pet. Hey, how would you feel if you ate french fries for breakfast, lunch and dinner !
Choices range from Beef, Buffalo, Chicken, Duck, Emu, Goat, Lamb, Ostrich, Pork, Quail, Rabbit, Salmon, Sardines, Turkey, Venison, Yak and many more.
We also carry several lines of non frozen foods to make things easy during hurricane season or when you are on the road with your pet and don’t want to travel with raw. You should always have a non-frozen supply of food available for days you forget to defrost something for dinner or for you emergency supply kit when the power is out.

Canned Foods
We carry a wide variety of canned cat and dog foods including Weruva, Halo, ZiwiPeak, Evangers, Merrick and Tripett. These foods are excellent for helping cats transition to raw food if they are resistant to wean from dry food. They are also great for short term feeding if raw isn’t an option (boarding, travel, petsitter and so on). Many peopl

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The Bones2Go! Philosophy. Bones2Go! carefully selects products that we believe best represent our ...