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Easy Operation Economizer Heat Exchanger Tubes Boiler Spare Parts ASME Standard

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Easy Operation Economizer Heat Exchanger Tubes Boiler Spare Parts ASME Standard

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Energy Saving Steel Economizer Heat Exchanger Tubes Boiler Spare Parts,ASME Standard




Product Description

Boiler economizers are heat exchange devices with finned tubes that heat a liquid, sometimes water, up to however sometimes doesn't exceed the boiling purpose of liquid.

We can manufacture types of boiler economizer, bare tube economizer, H finned tube economizer and spiral finned tube economizer and gilled tube economizer.




There are many ways to classify coal economizer, which can be classified as follows:

1. according to the degree of heating water: can be divided into non-boiling type and boiling type of two.

2.according to the manufacturing materials: cast iron and steel pipe economizer two.Non-boiling economizers are mostly made of cast iron, but they are also made of steel pipes, and boiling economizers can only be made of steel pipes.Cast iron economizer is mostly used in boilers with pressure 2.5mpa.If the pressure exceeds 2.5mpa, the economizer made of steel pipe shall be used.

3. according to the form of the device: vertical and horizontal two.

4. According to the relative flow direction of smoke exhaust and water supply, there are three types: forward flow type, reverse flow type and mixed type.

5. according to the structure of the form: light tube economizer and fin economizer.Finned economizer includes: H type economizer (used more) and screw fin economizer.

6. according to the form of heat conduction: direct conduction and indirect conduction;




Main technical advantages of our low temperature economizer

1. The equipment body can be designed into many modules to ensure the long term and stable running;

2. The low temperature economizer manufactured by our company can guarantee the wall temperature is 5-10 ℃ higher than the acid , and flue outlet temperature is 10-15 ℃ higher than the wall surface temperature

3. Wall surface temperature can be adjusted according to the boiler load and fuel changer to avoid corrosion under low temperature

4. Changer the DCS system of the existing boiler to achieve the auto and remote control by

computer .




DescriptionHeat boiler economizer, steam boiler economizer, oil boiler economizer, coal steam boiler economizer, Gas boiler economizer,etc
MaterialAlloy steel, Carbon steel, SA210C ,SA213T22, etc.
Material standardASTM, EN or ISO etc.

Min: 10 ton

Max.:1000 ton

Smelting Process:EF+LF + VD
ProcessMaterial→Ingot → Hot/Cold-Rolling→ Heat treatment (Normalizing+ tempering) → Inspection →rough machining→UT →2nd Heat treatment →finishing machining →Inspection
UT standardASTM A388 or EN10228, etc




The Accessory

The boiler economizer acts as a waste heat recovery device, ensuring that this heat does not go unused.

Instead, the heat is used to essentially preheat the water, so that less heat is required to bring the water to a temperature high enough to make steam




(1) the economizer is a heat exchanger that USES waste heat from boiler smoke exhaust to heat water supply;

(2) the economizer absorbs waste heat of exhaust smoke, reduces the exhaust temperature and improves the efficiency of the boiler;

(3) due to the water supply entering the drum, the water temperature has been raised through the economizer, and the thermal stress on the wall of the drum caused by temperature difference has been reduced, thus improving the working conditions of the drum and extending the service life of the drum.






Company Introduction

HD Boiler is located in Dong Lai Industrial Park, establish of Zhang Jia Gang City. HD Boiler

is a leading company and exporter of industrial boilers,power plant boilersand boiler parts (including steam drum, membrane waterwall panel,header,economizer, evaporator, superheater,H-fin economizer, spiral fin tube, air preheater, heat pipe, flue etc.), seamless steel tubes/pipes and ERW steel pipes.ORL provides our customer with full range of services including boiler design, fabrication, installation and commissioning, boiler maintenance, and supervision at site. Our product and service include design and manufacture industrial boilers, pressure vessels and tanks, and pressure parts for power plant boilers (600MW, or 1000MW).

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