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Energy Saving Power Station Boiler Water Wall Panel Heat Exchange For Boiler System

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Energy Saving Power Station Boiler Water Wall Panel Heat Exchange For Boiler System

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Product Details



Principle and Working

A high speed rotating (air)flow is established within a cylindrical or conical container called a cyclone. Air flows in a spiral pattern, beginning at the top (wide end) of the cyclone and ending at the bottom (narrow) end before exiting the cyclone in a straight stream through the center of the cyclone and out the top.


Larger (denser) particles in the rotating stream have too much inertia to follow the tight curve of the stream and strike the outside wall, falling then to the bottom of the cyclone where they can be removed.



1Cyclonic separation is a method of removing particulates from an air, gas or liquid stream, without the use of filters, through vortex separation.
2When removing particulate matter from liquids, a hydrocyclone is used; while from gas, a gas cyclone is used.
3Rotational effects and gravity are used to separate mixtures of solids and fluids.
4The method can also be used to separate fine droplets of liquid from a gaseous stream.


In a conical system, as the rotating flow moves towards the narrow end of the cyclone the rotational radius of the stream is reduced, separating smaller and smaller particles.

Product Description

Cyclonic separation can eliminate particulates, such as dirt and dust, from a stream of air, gas or liquid. Engineers sometimes call these tornadic dust busters centrifugal separators. That's because at the root of these machines is something called centrifugal force.



1Although there are four commonly used cyclone separators, their operating principles based on that of the conventional cyclone, are very similar.
2In the conventional cyclone, the gas enters a cylinder tangentially, where it spins in a vortex as it proceeds down the cylinder.
3A cone section causes the vortex diameter to decrease until the gas reverses on it and spins up the center to the outlet pipe or vortex finder.
4A cone causes flow reversal to occur sooner and makes the cyclone more compact Dust particles are centrifuged toward the wall and collected by inertial impingement.
5The collected dust flows down in the gas boundary layer to the cone apex where it is discharged through an air lock or into a dust hopper serving one or more parallel cyclones .
6Although conventional cyclones can be built to larger diameter, they are commonly 600 to 1600 mm in diameter.




1. Low capital cost.

2. Ability to operate at high temperatures.

3. Can handle liquid mists or dry materials.

4. Low maintenance requirements (no moving parts).

5. Small footprint - requires relatively small space.







Company Introduction

Established in 1985, Zhangjiagang Hua Dong Boiler Co., Ltd. (trading as HD Boiler), is a professional industrial manufacturer, producing utility boiler,industrial boiler,HRSG boiler and all kinds of boiler parts, such as waterwall panels, economizers, air preheaters, superheaters, headers, spiral fin tubes, H-fin tubes, heat pipes etc. HD Boiler is located in Dong Lai Industrial Park, east suburb of Zhang Jia Gang City. The plant’s location is around 150km Expressway to Shanghai Port


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