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Bobai Machinery Co,.ltd was established in 1998 in Hong Kong, specializing in temperature control equipment R & D and sales, engaged in temperature control industry has more than 10 years of experience, in order to better meet customer needs, Bo Bai Machinery (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. It was established in Shanghai in 2011. It is a manufacturing enterprise with R & D, manufacturing, marketing and service. The company specializes in innovative industrial temperature control equipment and brings together many technical elite of temperature control equipment manufacturing industry. It has all the top temperature control Technology and rich experience in the industry temperature control, and domestic and foreign professional well-known host manufacturers to maintain a long-term strategic cooperative partnership. Where the need for precise temperature control, where the need for rapid temperature changes, where there are temperature control problems, where there are BOBAI stars. In the field of temperature control system solutions, BOBAI industry and users by the unanimous recognition and praise, many enterprises trust the preferred brand.


The main products are: mold temperature machine, water cycle temperature control machine, oil circulation temperature control machine, chiller, freezer, water heater, oil heater, hot and cold one machine, module temperature control unit and other industrial temperature control equipment. Products are exported to Europe, the Middle East, Southeast Asia and other regions, in the rubber and plastics, foam, new materials, reactors, auto parts, mold, chemical, die casting, extrusion, refining, calendering, shoe, printing and dyeing, Dry, food and other industries have been widely used.



BOBAI strictly enforce the ISO international quality system standards and CE standards, with excellent human resources and advanced manufacturing technology, to create first-class temperature control equipment. Bobai people adhering to the spirit of the traditional Chinese craftsmen, carefully selected for each of the accessories, the intention to do every detail, the intention to do every test, carefully made every product, so that users with minimal energy consumption to produce The highest quality products for our customers to create the greatest value. Companies based in China, the world, and sincerely hope that all walks of life and friends from all walks of life work together to jointly promote the greater development of temperature control industry.


Bobai follow the national green energy conservation concept, will uphold the principle of sustainable development, the constant pursuit of innovation. The company will continue to improve the quality of staff, and constantly improve the working environment of employees, continue to invest, research and development of a new generation of environmentally friendly energy-saving products, has introduced a vast number of customer satisfaction products, continue to create a more contemporary, responsible corporate culture.

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Company Name: Bobai Machinery (shanghai) Co.,Ltd
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