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Qingdao Bestyear Hardware & Machinery Co.,Ltd

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Address: 7A Huanhai Mansion 22 Yan Er Dao RD,Qingdao,China

Phone: 86-532-85759809

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Qingdao Bestyear Hardware & Machinery Co.,Ltd

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QINGDAO BESTYEAR BOAT CO. LTD is a specialized RIB- Rigid Hull Inflatable Boats
Developer, Manufacturer and Exporter,

At BESTYEAR BOAT, our main product focus is a BESTYEAR BOAT Series of RIB Boats
and inflatable boats:SeaRoyal Boats, AquaMarine Boats,Bestyear boats and trailers.

       The Super Light RIB Boats are Ranging from  2.5 m to 3.9 m,

       The Luxury RIB Boats are from 4.3 m to 6.6 m ,8.3m, 9.6m,

       The recently developed Multi-purpose 11m for Army and Police Rib1100 cruiser.

Inflatable boats sport series length from 1.6m to 10m heavey duty.aluminium floor,air mat
 floor and fiberglass floor.(main seams are weld,not glue)

Fiberglass yachts and boats inlcude:

      Fishing boats:Speed400/bestyear480/speed480/speed500/speed550/speed600/speed595/
      Panga boats range 12/14/16/18/19/20/22/23/26/30/31/35ft and 2014 a new 40ft will coming soon.

      Luxury yachts:Allmand 80 luxury yacht,Allmand 68 top class yacht,Searoyal 80 yacht
Island 44 yacht,Island 38 yacht,30ft yacht .

Aluminum Boats:2.5m to 8m boats;ALB680,ALB750,ALB1100 pilot house fishing
 boat,Landing barge ALC750,ALC1050,HiSpeed 960 center console boat and fishing 11m,Pilot boat 13M.

Steel Cargo ship to 60M,Steel Laning Craft,Steel Barge,Steel RoRo and Steel Passenger boats etcs.

Passenger Ferry:passenger 880/960 and 980,16m and 20m;catamaran 2160,catamaran 28m,WaterTaxi 21H/22H/24H and 32H
passenger 16m and 17M,sightseeing 20M etcs

Today, the Company is practicing with world's most modern boat designs. We use only
top quality materials, and advanced Vacuum Formed Matched Technology to produce
 High Quality RIB Boats of an International Standard.

The whole Series has passed the CE test.

We have also developed Fiberglass Speed Boats, Yachts,Canoe and  Kayaks as well as
Aluminium boats,boat trailers and box trailers,  In addition working in with other China
 boats companies, we offer boat trailers to complement the boats.

The performance of these boats has been highly recognized by our Worldwide Users.

If you are looking for a business opportunity with your Boats in China,we are your solution.

company certificate and goods certificate:SGS;CE;DNV;HPI;API etc.

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Company Name: Qingdao Bestyear Hardware & Machinery Co.,Ltd
City: Qingdao
Province: Shandong
Address: 7A Huanhai Mansion 22 Yan Er Dao RD,Qingdao,China