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Blumendraht Floral Wire Factory

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Address: 88 Heping street, Anping, Hebei, China

Phone: 86-318-5821607

Blumendraht Floral Wire Factory

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Floral wire, also known as florist wire, is ideal for such Bouquets, wreaths and garlands. Blumendraht Floral Wire Factory offers a range of floral wire and floral wire services. Enameled floral wire, bright floral wire and paper floral wire is an indispensable tool in creating floral arrangements and bouquets. Floral Pins are used to attach materials to wreaths and other foam bases for decorations or centerpieces. Paint floral wire can be used as flower stem for floral design. Especially in the fall and Christmas season floral wire can conjure up beautiful flower arrangements. Making a corsage with floral wire is relatively easy.
Blumendraht floral wires have the following forms: in coils, on wooden stick, on paddle, on spools. Their color include: Green, silver, red, black, white, yellow, blue, etc. The color of the bright floral wire is not easy to break away. Floral wire's inner material can be High quality low carbon steel wire, black annealed wire, stainless steel wire, galvanized wire and copper wire. Standard wire diameter for florist craft wire range is from normally gauge 18 to gauge 34. The higher the floral wire gauge is, the thinner the wire is. The higher the gauge number, the more flexible and thinner the floral wire is. Colors and sizes of florist wire can be custom made.
Blumendraht Floral Wire Factory has professional engineers and well-trained workers to work for you and we can offer custom design and cost effective solutions for your needs. We have established regular business relationship with customers from the U.S. and in European countries with our good quality products and dedicated work.

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Company Name: Blumendraht Floral Wire Factory
City: anping
Province: hebei
Country: China
Address: 88 Heping street, Anping, Hebei, China