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DTS650 diagnostic

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DTS650 diagnostic

Country/Region China
City & Province Beijing
Categories Bus Parts

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Product description

DTS 650 is the newest edition of multi-funcational intelligentized automotive scanner, which is specialized in Diesel vehicles. It follows the international standard design and adopts the advanced modularized design technology. It can diagnose all kinds of diesel version electronic control system, available for domestic (Chinese),European, Japanese , Koreal , American vehicles.

It can offer multi-language platform, simple and friendly interface, and integrated structural design which make you feel much more convenient and efficient. Its cabinet and refined figure design, make you feel convenient to take, its high lattice color screen, show you exquisite look; in addition, its integrated structural design, single-track working model and touch screen, make you use freely in practical operation.

It can diagnose the electronic control system of all kinds of diesel version vehicles, available for domestic(Chinese) vehiclesseries,BOSCH Diesel series DENSO Diesel series SSIEMENS Diesel, series,Nanjing YIWEIKE, Chinese Heavy vehicles.....
It can test the engine including: BOSCH diesel,Xichai engine,CUMMINS engine,Perkins diesel engine(Weite ECU), SDEC,Weichai engine,Yuchai engine,DENSO engine,X6-vm engine,4JB1T engine,4KH1-TC Bosch(600P),Delphi EURO3 Diesel engine,Hino engine......
Built-in high and low speed CAN BUS, satisfy the CAN-BUS electronic control system.
Testing Funcation: read computer version, read trouble code, clear trouble code, read data stream, perform parts testing, etc.
Product features:
Widely use, flexible config.
Directly connect with 12V-27V testing port, no need to convert with battery jar.
Special hardware and structural design enable it work normally at any harsh conditions.
Multi-language and operation interface to adapt different countries or areas.
Touch operation platform,simple and friendly interface, integrated structure design and sing-track testing model, make you feel more convenient and efficient in the whole course.
Update online fast and freely.

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Product description: DTS 650 is the newest edition of multi-funcational intelligentized automotive ...