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Address: No.9, Lianglisanjie, Economic zone, Tongzhou Dsitrict, Beijing, China

bjansi company

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Beijing ANSI International Corporation is one leading manufacturer and exporter of Ductile Iron pipe and accessories, Valves, and GI conduit and its accessories

On Ductile Iron Pipe and accessories, we have two 400m high blast furnaces, 6 sets of water-cooled metal type centrifugal pipe casting machines, 120tons of mixed iron smelting furnace, 5pieces power frequency electric and 3 finishing lines, with annual output of 40 million tons for DN80 ~ 1400mm ductile iron pipes.

The accessories of Ductile Iron pipe we produced are T type, K type of ductile iron pipe fittings, pipe flexible expansion device, leak stopping device, cement pipe connection, all kinds of pipe fittings and other 5 series more than 1000 varieties. The specifications are from DN50mm to DN2000mm, the certification standard we follow GB/T13295-2003, ISO2531 and EN545.

On Valve, we have 3 production lines, and we can manufacture gate valve, butterfly valve, ball valve, check valve, globe valve, compensator valve, hydraulic control valve, filter valve, and so on.  We can produce size from DN40 to DN2600, following the ANSI, API, JIS, DIN, BS standard. We also can be able to produce valves according to customers’ requirements.

On GI conduits and accessories, we have 10 production lines to produce EMT tubes, IMC conduit, RMC conduit, BS31 conduits, BS4568 conduits, lock nuts, conduit bushings, liquid-tight connectors, and malleable boxes and metal boxes. Following the standard BS4568, UL797/ANSI C80.3, UL1242/ANSI C80.6, UL6/ANSI C80.1, We also provide OEM service.

Our mission is to be the best partner of our clients by offering high quality products and customer service, through our professional team and efficient management in active, trust, cooperative atmosphere.

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Company Name: bjansi company
Province: Beijing
Country: China
Address: No.9, Lianglisanjie, Economic zone, Tongzhou Dsitrict, Beijing, China
Website: http://www.bjansi.com/