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Time-lapse Embryo Monitoring System

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Time-lapse Embryo Monitoring System

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State-of-the-art Image Quality

Primo VisionEVO introduces the Hoffmann contrast integration for improved image analysis. The new feature enables the precise observation of embryos’ developmental dynamics from polar body extrusion, PN formation, through time points of cleavages and cleavage intervals, blastocoel pulsation and exact identification of fragmentations and cleavage patterns.

Time Lapse Embryo Monitoring

Real time image of the embryos developing inside the incubator. Image acquisition at min. 5 minute intervals.

  • Precise detection of cleavage times, fragmentations, multinucleation and other important events of in vitro embryo culture.
  • Embryos are individually monitored in their group culture.
  • Better decision about embryo selection (higher pregnancy and birth rates, lower incidence of multiple pregnancies).
  • One inverted microscope unit observes all embryos of one patient in a group culture dish.

Ebryo Safety First

Using Primo Vision Time-Lapse Embryo Monitoring System inside your incubator provides maximum safety in your trusted culturing environment. Our system gives you the opportunity to observe all embryos without disturbing the incubation condition or changing your daily routine.

Stress-free environment

Embryos develop undisturbed, stress-free in the trusted environment provided by the lab’s incubator. The Primo environment is free of any kind of electromagnetic field effect, the embryos are not moved and the outstanding quality images are reached through minimum light exposure and with the Hoffmann contrast integration. Total light load in a 5 days project with 10 minutes imaging interval is still less compared to a onetime routine microscopic investigation.

Modular & Expandable

The modular structure allows expansion according to your needs or budget: the starting kit with one microscope monitors up to 16 embryos of the same patient, while the full system with 6 microscopes can follow up to 96 embryos of 6 patients.

Additional microscopes can be installed at any time, giving you the flexibility during the planning phase of your investment.


The Primo Vision Capture & Analyzer software provides an easy and reliable way to compare and analyze the development of embryos in a user-friendly environment. The software is also capable of creating your clinic’s personalized report about the development path of the transferred embryos. Finishing the project, share the results with your patient by showing the embryo video created by the Primo Vision Analyzer software.

Remote Access

While the pictures are taken inside the incubator in your lab, the images can be reached through the clinic’s network by authorized personnel. The Remote Access feature not only gives you the opportunity to analyze the embryos’ development in the comfort of your office or home, but also makes online evaluation with your colleagues or other professionals a reality.

If you are an iPad user, download the Primo Vision Viewer application and take advantage of the easy and comfortable solution of accessing your running or previous projects.

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