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Low Speed Large Capacity Blood Bank Equipments For Blood Separation

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Low Speed Large Capacity Blood Bank Equipments For Blood Separation

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Product Details

Low Speed Large Capacity Refrigerated Centrifuge for Blood Separation


In a Clinical Laboratory, centrifugation is one of the initial steps in testing a patient's blood. The blood is collected in tubes or bags, depending on the prescribed test from the doctor. Tubes can vary in size from 1.2mL to 15mL, while bags are usually around 300mL to 500mL.



Blood is performed in many of the following laboraties:

• Chemistry Lab

• Hematology Lab

• Blood Banks

• Serum Manufacturers

• Biotech/Pharma

• Animal Research Facilities

• Hospitals

• VA Hospitals

• Reference Laboratories

• Animal Research

• Veterinary Facilities



1. Microprocessor control, LED and LCD display, operating data can be saved automatically, RCF value can be set directly to startup the centrifuge.
2. High torque brushless converter motor, High speed bearing from Europe, smoothly running and maintenance-free.
3. Multistage damping system, world famous Freon-free compressor, low noise and slight vibration, green.
4. Steel body, stainless steel centrifugal chamber, imported key components, durable and easy to clean.
5. Rotor identification system, overspeed, overtemperature, door interlock, imbalance protection. The function of rotor service life calculation ensures safety.
6. Pre-cooling design for chamber, fast cooling. Proprietary SCT speed control design, fast acceleration and deceleration, high efficiency.
7. 0-9 grade acceleration and deceleration modes, 40 self-defining programs can be stored and recalled.
8. Proprietary SBT control technique and rotor design, to avoid mix up, ensure getting maximum specimen.
9. Hold-on and transient centrifuging, easy to diversification centrifugation.
10. Can be fit for 5ml,7ml,10ml,15ml,30ml,50ml etc kinds of adaptors, which meet the customers’ multiple need. Be widely used in the field of radicalization immunity, biochemistry, pharmacy research and production and so on, especially in separation and purification of blood products.



Max Speed6000r/min
Max RCF6680×g
Max Capacity6000ml
Speed Accuracy±20r/min
Temperature Range-20°C--40°C
Temperature Accuracy±1°C
Time Range0-99H59min59s
Power SupplyAC 220V 50Hz 35A


DL6M Rotors

ModelNumberCapacityMax speed (r/min)Max RCF (×g)Dimension of tube (mm)
Angle RotorNo.336×500ml60006680Φ74x168
Swing RotorNo.656×1000ml (round bucket)42005100Φ100x175
No.656×1000ml (rectangle bucket)4200510012pieces of 200ml triple blood bags




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