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Aluminum Curved Led Display Full Color Circle Shape 8000nits Brightness

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Aluminum Curved Led Display Full Color Circle Shape 8000nits Brightness

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Product Details

Aluminum Curved Led Display Full Color Circle Shape 8000nits Brightness



curved LED display, coming up with the engagement of making the video panels curving as needed, is born to be the perfect solution for indoor and outdoor stage background of grand performance, full color videos or graphic display, video wall on high buildings. It features of thinness, waterproof and lightweight, to provide easy and fast implement with the friendly hardware/software interfaces.

Its scientific structure makes the assembly of even super-large system fast and simple, cutting cost and time. The SMD LED of PASSION indoor full color curved LED display screen provides more uniform, flawless and ultra-sharp images, with high permeability and good performance.

These kind of displays can be used for indoor and outdoor use, although the client always has to specify the viewing angle, the curve degrees or radius, so we can develop the LED displays in a very precise way that can fit any curved building or wall. The curved LED screen and round LED screen have a wider viewing angle because of it's curve which of course is an advantage, the spectators can see the LED display from a larger viewing angle. The curved LED display and round LED display uses the same software and hardware as the normal rectangular LED display. The only thing that changes is that this LED display has a round curve. The curved or round LED displays can be made with 3in1 LED's to create a higher viewing angle, or with normal RGB LED's, it just depends on the size of the LED display and the use of the LED display.

The unique structure of the curved led displays makes the LED display easy to operate. The radius of the curve of the LED display has to be decided before producing and can be up to 360°, which is a complete circle or cylinder LED display. And due to the fact that the LED display is curved the viewing angle is wider and can be up to 160°.
Outdoor series:PH10, PH12, PH16, PH20, PH25, etc.
Indoor series:PH4, PH5, PH6, PH7.62, PH8, PH10.



This kind of LED 2R1G1B full color led display is appliled for displaying advertising,  city beautifying,  

  information publicity,  great concerns and relative activities.  



Product model number 



Pixel L ED 


Pixel Configuration 

2 R,  1G ,  1B 

Wave length ( nm ) 

R: 626-628 ,  G: 518-520 ,  B: 466-468 

Pixels Pitch ( mm ) 


2 . Module 

Module Size ( mm ) 

320 * 160 * 20 

Module Pixels (dot) 

16 * 8 

3.Unit box 

Module quantities in a unit box 

4 (L) * 6 ( H )

Unit box size ( mm ) 

1280 (L) * 960 (H) * 160 

Unit box Pixels ( dot )

64 * 48 

Unit box material 

Aluminum or Iron 

Unit box weight (kg) 

Aluminum : 42 or Iron : 55 


Packing Way 

Two unit boxes packed into one 

Packing box material 

Wooden case or Flight box

Packing box size (mm) 

1150 * 950 * 480 

5.electricity parameter 

Pixel density (dots/ m 2 ) 


White Balance Brightness ( cd/m 2 ) 

≥ 6500 

Color temperature ( K ) 

5000-9500 (choice by user) 

Brightness Adjusted 

100 grade by software or by Auto-optic induced. 

View Angel 

Horizontal 110 ° ; Vertical 70 ° 

Best viewing distance ( m ) 


Communication distance ( m ) 

Internet Wire : 120 Fiber Cable : 1000 

Screen work Method 


LED driving method 

Constant driving current 

Gray Grades 

16384 levels for each color 

Display Color 

4 ,  398 ,  046 ,  511 ,  104 

Refresh Frequency ( Hz ) 

≥ 9600 

Picture display method 

Dots to dots display synchronized with CRT 

Signal interface 


Input signal 

Video : PAL/NTSC optioned . VGA, Svideo, DVD, TV 

Display format 

800 * 600 ,  1024 * 768 ,  1280 * 1024 


Support windows series system 

Protection grades 

IP 65 

Working temperature (ºC ) 

-10  +50 

Humidity ( RH ) 

Up to 95 

Stored temperature ( ºC) 

-30  +70 

Screen Lifetime(hours) 

≥100, 000 

Out of controlled dots 

≤3/10, 000 (Out of controlled dots means the pixels 
of which the brightness 

and the wave length are both >10% 
depart to the normal one) 

Whole display flatnes 

Less than 1mm Juncture 

Maintance way 

Back-maintained or front-maintained,  
modules displaced 


Switch power supply 

Switch power supply 
(include CE/GS or UL/CSA certificate) 
110V/60HZ ,  220V/50HZ 


Power Consumption ( w /m 2 ) 

Max : 1200 ,  Average: ≥ 700


Competitive Advantage:

1,  Good quality

2,  Good price

3,  Good 24hours service

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