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Food Industry Clean Machine , Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine / Equipment High Cleanliness

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Food Industry Clean Machine , Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine / Equipment High Cleanliness

Country/Region china
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Product Details

Food Industry Ultrasonic Cleaning Machines / Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaner / Industrial Ultrasonic Cleaning Equipment / Ultrasonic Cleaner Solution



This machine is specially designed to wash fruits, vegetables, bags, metal parts and soon by ultrasonic washing, valve pipe circulation, etc.


Technical characteristics of ultrasonic cleaning machine:
Good cleaning effect, high cleanliness and consistent cleanliness of all workpieces. Cleaning speed, improve production efficiency, without manual contact with cleaning fluid, safe and reliable. Deep holes, slits, and workpiece concealment can also be cleaned. No damage to the surface of the workpiece, saving solvent, heat, workplace, and labor.


Ultrasonic cleaning methods than conventional general cleaning methods, especially the workpiece surface is more complex, as some uneven surface, with mechanical parts blind holes, some of the particularly small and the cleanliness of the higher requirements of products such as watches and clocks and Precision machinery parts, electronic components, circuit board components, the use of ultrasonic cleaning can achieve very good results.


Function configuration:

product enter → ultrasonic wave washing → product output → valve pipe circulation → water tank, etc.


Speed: 1-20 meters per minute.


Roller ultrasonic cleaning line:




Equipment configuration:

The majority of the machine is made of carbon steel or stainless steel.


Note: We offer free designs and layout drawings, according to the type of goods to produce, production capability and the packaging materials.

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