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Monomer Plant Plant Extracts

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Monomer Plant Plant Extracts

Country/Region China
Categories Xenon Lamps

Product Details

Trans Resveratrol, China Factory Supply High Quality Biologicalstrong Natural Polyphenols, Best Trans Resveratrol




Molecular Weight:228.25


ShelfLife2 years if stored properly

AppearanceWhite Fine Powder

StorageStored in a cool and dry condition, get away from direct sun.

Main Function

1. To increase sperm secretion and stimulate sexual desire
2. To have antiarrhythmic action and to relieve asthma
3. To lower blood pressure and relax vascular smooth
4. To dry dampness and kill worms
5. To expel cold and the wind, to warm the kidney and strengthen the yin
6. Antifugal and antivirotic


1. Scavenging free radicals, extending aging

2. Anti-inflammation

3. Antioxidant and inhibition of lysozyme

4. Proteining tyrosine kinase inhibitor

5. Promoting collagen protein synthesis

6. In food additives

7. Beverage

8. Healthcare products

9. Cosmetics and so on

Our Package

About Us

1. What's type about your company? Do you have factory?

As you can see on the internet, we are a big export plant extract company in Shaanxi province.

And we also have professional factory in Shaanxi province, welcome your visit and inquiry.

2. How about your product quality?

1. We abide by stringent standards to choose raw material

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