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Cooler / Heating System Elevator Vending Machine for Box Food , Soap , Pasta, Sandwich, 50 Inch Clear Touch Screen

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Bethel Technology Co.,LTD

Cooler / Heating System Elevator Vending Machine for Box Food , Soap , Pasta, Sandwich, 50 Inch Clear Touch Screen

Country/Region china
City & Province shenzhen guangdong
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Product Details

Food vending machine with lift system For Sell Soup ,food, Pizza, Pasta, Noodles, Dumplings, Sushi

With cooler function , 21.50 inch touch screen, heating food always, supply food 24 hours



Model: VM-1225


Main function:

  1. Special for sell soup, pizza, noodles, dumplings, sushi, pasta

  2. Unique heating system, supply the hot food always,

  3. With cooler refrigerator function

  4. 2 storage tank for storage the cooler food and the heating food

  5. 21.50 inch touch select screen LCD, easy to operate

  6. Support coin, note operated with coin changes function

    With the optional of micro pay, debit/ credit card pay

  7. Max support sell 40-60 Different Sku, with 100-350 box of food

  8. Machine with Lift system, upload the food and dispenser the products steady, accuracy and

    fast. Unique dispensers way for dispensers more accuracy

  9. taiwanese Money Detector supply accuracy service. automatic identification capability, could judge the true or false of currency and accept different currency

  10. You can set the selling price based on required.

  11. Can extend the function of support app, link to facebook, twitter ,

  12. Interactive software for make this machine more interesting and attractive for customer.

  13. Novel interactive GUI, impressive for all customer

  14. High quality steel construction with powder coat painted, durable for use.

  15. Indoor & outdoor used for the area with big population, Compact with shopping mall,

    apartment, CBD center, business center, university, busy street, country club, etc

  16. With bethel circle right control software in IOT base, easy to control, manage, track all the vending machines, change the ads content, indicate the promotion, get invest of the ads space For example make new marketing plan based on the sales record, the sales data collect, the q’ty of the balance food, the style of the food, analysis and revised the promotion based on sales data history, prepare & replenishment products, Optimize routes, Warning for short ,products, lack of electric, lack of coin changes, empty of the coin, note detector etc

  17. To stop the machine running the crash phenomenon. Anti interference design of hardware circuit using EMC and compatible design, to ensure that the machine in any with a source of interference conditions of normal operation.

  18. Self-check function avoids crash in machine running. Hardware circuit is interference and is EMC compatible, making sure that the machine operate in any surroundings.

  19. customer can order the food in different taste and in bulk q'ty once time, service fast and effective, not like the tradition food vending only can sell several food and can supply only several box one time



     1. 21.50 Inch Touch Screen LCD, easy for shopping, have a great fun for shopping

     2. Max support 40 SKU

     3. storage capacity: about 70-120pcs according to size of goods

     4. Payment system: coin,note, coin changes, optional micro pay/NFC pay/ IC card/ debit card /Credit card pay

     5. Compact with for sell fast food, soup, dumplings, pastas, pizza, noodles, rice

     6. All products should be packed with hardness box or can

     7. Unique elevator design, upload / dispenser products fast safe and steady

     8. machine size: 1900H * 1490 W* 1138 D mm

     9. rated voltage: 110 220 v, 60 HZ

     10.  max load package size: 400*400*300mm, weight : 2.0 KGS

     11. The option of the touch screen LCD from 32inch, 42inch, 46inch, 55inch

     12. The function of the cooler function is optional selection


Technical Parameter Table


DescriptionIntelligent vending machine for food, pizza, pastaSize of machine1900H* 1490W* 1138D mm
ModelVM-1230N.W420 Kg
Frozen Power (w)385WFor sellfast food, soup,dumplings, pastas, pizza, noodles, rice
Voltage/ Frenquency220V/60HzInterfaceMDB
Max support selling40-60 SKULighting systemWater proof LED light with import chip
Storage capacity100-350 box



With cooler refrigerator for keep food fresh, the heating system heating the food always
Payment method

Coin, note, coin changes

Optional micro pay/ debit/ credit card/ IC card/ NFC pay

Touch screen lcd/

21.50inch touch screen LCD

Option: 32/ 42/ 46/ 55 inch

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