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Indoor 800 GPD UF & RO Water Vending Machines Coin / Note / IC Card Operated

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Indoor 800 GPD UF & RO Water Vending Machines Coin / Note / IC Card Operated

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Indoor 800 GPD UF & RO Water Vending Machines Coin / Note / IC Card Operated


Hospital, Train Station Indoor Use 800GPD UF & RO System Pure Water Vending Machine

Coin/ Note / IC Card Opearte with Cooler Function




1. Capacity: 800GPD/ 24H (180 Barrel/ day, 18.9L / barrel)

2. N.W: 195KGS, with the water 400kgs

3. Water recovery: 45-55%

4. desalination ratio: 99%

5. Filtration system: Ultra filtration of UF high strength central water purifier system/

    5UM filter /1UM filter /RO reverse osmosis purification industry / Mineralized filter purification /

    Taste conditioning purification /O3 oxygen sterilization / Ultraviolet sterilization / Double sterilization

6. Water Quality: International healthy water standard

7. Bactericidal system O3 ozone sterilization / UV sterilization

8. Water Tank: material 304 stainless , clean, safe, with high/ middle/ low water level floating ball

    3 water level control switch, anti water overflow function

9.  water intake location: material: stainless 304, durable and easy clean. Equipped automatic door,

       dust proof. Automatic water tray, suitable for various of container sealed design for whole machine,

       double reverse leakage door, protect against the wind, sand, rain.

10.  Aluminum alloy shell, With high temp painting finish. Water chute design, in case of the rain or storm,

       the drifting drops will flow down the guide gutter, not enter the inside of the machine

11. bottom with 4 x wheels, and the 4x adjustable height for fix the position

12.  the advertising LCD normally fix in the left top part of the machine, it is one way for get profit

       if you leave that advertising part for rent. The advertising led light will turn on /off based on your

       setting time. More attractive and impressive of the customer.

13. operation of the take water very easy for take water when the customer insert the coin/ note the led

      display area will display the water amount and water capacity ..

14.  cable protection all the cable install in the cable slot. Dust-proof and covered by the moisture proof


15.  The money detector machine with the electronic signal interference shielding cover.

16.  control system: Industrial PC control board, with chips imported from japan

17.  the charging : the charging rate standard can be set by your requirmen

18.  Pause function: you can press the button pause if you want to stop or cancel the operation

19.  IC card payment operated, with magnetic IC card payment option, charged by the water flow,

       more accuracy to RMB 0.01

20.  water intake system: with the voice operation reminder

21.  warm heater technology, which can work in the temp below 30 degree.(pls indicate if the machine

        will work in the cold temp weather)

22.   money detector: can support foreign currency, more safe of the fake currency


main specification

1.  machine cabinet: 2.0  Thickness steel board + high temp paint finish

2.  water tank, filling room: stainless 304 material. Water tank: 200L

3.  water booster bump: 90w pipeline * 1pc

4.  sand/carbon filter: glass steel tank Ø210mm×500mm *1pc

     56A flush valve manual*PC

5. Fine filter: 20feet *2PC

6. High temp bump: 24v RO bump *2 , output: 84w

7. RO film: 4021* 1pc (high pressure and high desalination rate type)

8. RO shell: stainless 304

9. Post mineralization filtration: large T33 mineralized sphere

10. Post PH adjustment filter: large T33 alkaline stone

11. Pipeline: PVC-U/PE/ silicone tube and other food grade pip

12. Control system: digital single board control system

13. Solenoid valve: DN20 high quality solenoid valve (4 teeth)

14. Pressure regulating valve: stainless steel needle

15. Pressure gauge: oil proof pressure gauge

16. Ozone: 1000mg ozone generator

17.Ultraviolet sterilization: 1 sets of 10W


Principle of Make Pure Water


Automatic water dispenser is the reverse osmosis technology through the world's highest water technology, the general municipal water supply in line with national health standards of pure water. The and barreled pure water under the same water treatment process, through eight grade filtering procedures, removal of all impurities, with ozone generator sterilization measures. Let the water fresh, taste better, can meet people's requirements for drinking water.

Water vending machine manufacturing live net, crystal clear, free of contaminants, bacteria and viruses, removing carcinogens, inorganic minerals and harmful heavy metals, while retaining the active oxygen in water, the water becomes activated water.




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