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grains/rice weighing and packaging machinery

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Product Details

Automatic weighing and packaging system with 4 head linear scale

Scope of application

This packing system is suitable for the automatic weighing and package of granule material such as seeds, beans, nuts, salt, sugar, rice, almonds, etc.

It is also suitable for the package of fried fruits, vegetables and snack food such as fruit chips, potato chips, nankeen,, cheese balls, kurkure, cheese rings, pulses, puff snack food, potato chips, crispy rice, jelly, candy, apple chips, dumpling, small cookie, melon seeds, roasted seeds and nuts, medical material, deep-frozen food extruded snack and other snack foods.

The full system include:

1. Vibration feeder

2. material conveyer

3. 4 head weigher/2head weigher/10 head weigher

4. Vertical type(collar type)form, fill and seal machine

5 output conveyer

Following devices are optional

· Nitrogen flushing device

· Hole punch device (round hole/Euro hole)

· Polyethylene sealing system

· Gusseted device

· Product stopper

· Vacuum bag device

· Additional former

Date coding device


1. Equipped with safety protection, comply with solid safety management requirements.
2. Use intelligent temperature controller to have accurate temperature, which ensures the artistic and neat seal.
3. Use PLC Servo System and pneumatic control system and super touch screen to compose the drive control center which maximize the whole machines control precision ,reliability and intelligent zed level.
4. This machine completes automatically the whole packing procedure of loading materials, measuring, bag making, sealing, date printing, air charging ( or exhausting) and finish products transporting as well as counting.
5. Touch screen can store the technical parameters of various kinds of products ,it is unnecessary to reset while products changing.
6. With error indicating system , which help to handle the trouble immediately.
7. Make pillow bags and hanging bags in terms of customers different requirements.

Technical Specification



Film width

Max 420mm

Packing Speed


Package range


Packing material

BOPP/CPP,PET/AL/PE, heat sealable material

Power source

220V, 50/60Hz, 2.2KW

Film thickness






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