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Vacuum Ultrasound Cavitation Slimming Machine Cellulite Removal LED Power 5 Watt

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Vacuum Ultrasound Cavitation Slimming Machine Cellulite Removal LED Power 5 Watt

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Product Details

Vacuum Ultrasound Cavitation Slimming Machine Cellulite Removal LED Power 5 Watt



IR ------1.IR heats tissue upto over 5mm which effectively increase the oxygen driven, strengthen the material exchange into and out of cells and promote fat metabolism 2. IR increases tissue elasticity, heat subcutaneous fat and shrinks fat cells while protecting epidermis


RF ----- RF heats tissue upto 15mm or deeper to increase the activity of lipolitic enzyme and to shrink the fat cells


Roller----  Roller to massage the epidermis to relax body


Vacuum---1. Vacuum facilitate blood flow and cathalitic enzyme release for fat metabolism. 2. Vacuum increases blood circulation and oxygen intracellular diffusion on partial tissue and increases lymphatic drainage hence effectively reduces cellulite.


 HONKON -Slimming I+ Double chin eliminating and ultrasonic cavitation vacuum slimming machine

Slimming System Applications:

1.Cellulite reduction

2.Eliminating double chin, a face-lift

3.Skin Tightening

4.Remodeling exquisite shape

5.Post-liposuction figure sculpture

6.fast slimming machine



1. 4 handpieces with different size for all areas’ treatment.

2. Special designed of detachable roller and inner filter for easy cleaning.

3. Dual mono-polar RF handpieces for fat dissolving are better than Bi-polar, which effectively avoids skin burning and blister.



1.    With vacuum suction and mechanical rollers which will be acting on the subcutaneous tissue to achieve the effect of lymphatic drainage, and each time lasts up to 3 days or more (other methods of lymphatic drainage only maintain 2 days), the body circumferential reduced significantly.

2.      Adopting both the infrared light (700-2000nm) and bipolar RF technology to operate on the subcutaneous adipose tissue, the metabolism of lipocyte will be reduced by heat and not damage normal tissues.

3.      The advantage of bipolar RF technology is only for the range of treatment and greatly improve safety also reduce the risk. And its the key of fat dissolving and skin tightening at the same time. (the vacuum suction system can only reduce circumferential but not skin tightening).

4.      Slimming system is equipped with a big treatment handpiece (XF-I) and 5 small handpiece (XF-I---IV), we can choose the handpieces according to different treatment needs, to improve the treatment efficiency and comfort during the process.

5.      After the initial treatment, an average reduction of thigh circumferential is 4.18cm, hip circumferential is 5.73cm, abdominal circumference is 5.86cm. After the period of treatment the texture change is both completely and obviously, and improving the cellulite commendably.

6.      Convenience, Safe, effective, painless treatment, almost no downtime.

7.      Safety :Directly on fat cells, without digestion, and not act on other parts of the body, no side effects on the human body, avoiding the side effects of weight loss drugs and surgical trauma on the body and also other insecurity, better results, patient comfort and satisfaction


Technical Parameter:

Radio Frequency Power

Up to 50W   

Focused Technology

Vacuum + RF + Roller + LED + IR Laser (infrared)

Delivery Type

Pulse; CW

RF Frequency


Pump Suction Rate


Infrared Lamp

Up to 20W

Light Spectrum

640nm (infrared); 690nm (LED)


1×Vacuum+RF (56x80.5mm)

1×Vacuum+RF (34.5x48mm)

1×Vacuum+RF (18x25mm)

1×Vacuum+RF (8.5x15mm)


Self-contained, closed water cycle

Stand-by Working

Continuously for 18 hours


10.4" True Color LCD Touch Screen

Electrical Requirements

100-240VAC, 20A max., 50/60Hz

Net Weight

51 kgs

Dimensions (WxDxH)



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