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Shandong Shengfeng Seeds and Technology Co., Ltd.

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Address: Jiaxiang County, Shandong

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Shandong Shengfeng Seeds and Technology Co., Ltd.

About Us

Shandong Shengfeng Seeds and Technology Co., Ltd. was set up in September, 2004. Two subcompanies are under its control. One is Shandong Shengfeng Soybeans Industry Co., Ltd, and the other is Jiing Jiacheng Seeds Industry Co., Ltd. It is the provincial high-tech enterprise taking the lead in the industry of seeds cultivation and production of soybeans and cotton. Our company has already got the license of seeds production and management authorized by the Agriculture Department, and the seeds are of transgeneticall modified organism(GMO). There are four main departments, Administration Depart, Management Depart, Soybeans Depart and Cotton Depart. Its location is also the hometown of an ancient philosopher, Zengzi, Jiaxiang, which is a sub-city of Jining, the birthplace of Confucius and Mencius, enjoying a reputation of the Capital of the Grand Canal.
In addition, Shandong Shengfeng Bestsoybean Industry Co., Ltd. focuses on soybeans which are exclusively processed into Soybean milk. With the help of Shandong Shengfeng Seeds and Technology Co., Ltd, it cultivates 9 kinds of soybeans, which are separately high in protein, isoflavone, lecithin. The soybeans milk tastes pleasantly sweet and smells unforgettably fragrant, and more nutritional than normal milks. The company registered its soybeans trademark and relevant items trademarks in China, South Korea and European Union. Many certificates have been awarded to this company such as ISO9001 Quality Certificate, International Environmental Certificate, EU Organic Products Certificate, Japan Organic Products, USA Organic Products Certificate and China Green Organic Products Certificate. It is the globally and professionally biggest organic soybeans supplier for high-protein soybean milk production.
Our company employs more than 10 reputable experts and technical advisers in seeds breeding and planting. 36 advanced technicians are also invited for our instruction. There are over 800 varieties of seeds. At the same time, we assumed five national level task in the name of 863 , 973 Spark and Torch as well as 9 provincial technology-study items. There are 300 Mu demonstration fields. Hannan province and Xinjiang have our seeds-breeding fields. We own 120.000 Mu good quality seeds-breeding fields. 21 items of our seeds are our intellectual property rights. The company emphasizes seeds quality and innovation and moves forward by the pattern of seeds-breeding, seeds-production and seeds-market. We passed the ISO Quality Certificate in 2004 and 2007, and were privileged with 14 registered trademarks and 15 national patents. Our output increases a lot year by year through long term cooperation with our customs in different places. For soybeans and cotton, the number of our sales and market share comes out top in the year of 2005, 2006 and 2007, and soybeans come first.
From the first day on, our company has won such rewards as Shandong High-tech Enterprise, Shandong Excellent Private Technology Enterprise, Provincial Technology-Support-Agriculture Example Unit, Shandong Soybean Demonstration Fields, Shandong Anti-Bugs Cotton Demonstration Fields, National Spark Implement Unit, National Good Quality Confirmation Trademark, National Quality& Promise Keeping Unit, National Standard Behavior Enterprise, Shandong Well-Known Trademark, Shandong Reputable Brand Name, Shandong Contract & Promise Keeping Unit, Shandong Top Ten Seeds Industry Enterprise. By the slogan of (Rooted in Credit, Priority to Innovation , and putting consumers demand and expectation at our core, we offer them our good products constantly at a reasonable price after through strict quality control.

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Company Name: Shandong Shengfeng Seeds and Technology Co., Ltd.
City: Weifang
Province: Shandong
Country: China
Address: Jiaxiang County, Shandong
Website: http://www.bestbean.cn/