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Automatic mould laser welding machine 200W/400W,mould laser solder machine

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Automatic mould laser welding machine 200W/400W,mould laser solder machine

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Product Details

200W machine used laser welding machine, machine used laser welding machine , machine used laser welding was originally designed for mould industry for molding and repairing of plastic molds, die-casting molds, extrusion molds, glass molds, plastic blow molds, rubber molds, molds of digital products/mobile phone/toy/automobile/motorcycle/etc. By applying suitable soldering wires, it is possible to fill the crack or blowholes and reuse the mold which saves production cost and improves working efficiency significantly! 


BenDe Machine Factory Promise:


1:All machine 1Year guarantee!


2:After get the machine accept 7 days return the goods!



1. Mould repairing is just a typical application of this machine.This laser welding machine can not only be used for molds repairing/re-shaping, but also for the precision welding of small articles, such as jewelry, electronics, telecommunication devices, electrical hardware, watch and clocks components, products of military industry, etc.
2. Materials that can be welded are extensive: cold work alloy steel, hot work alloy steel, nickel tool steel, steel alloy, high tenacity aluminum alloy, etc. Other metals like gold, silver, brass, aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium, and platinum are also applicable.
3. YAG laser welder is already very mature and of cause stable to use after more than 20 years development. It is known as easy operation and easy maintenance. Based on the statistics figure of 2013,our total rework rate is only 0.5% and failure rate only 3%. For daily maintenance, you just need to change the water in the chiller tank every two weeks and do some regular cleaning work.
4. The parameters are controlled by intelligent remote controller, which is simple and convenient for the operator
The size of light spot can be adjusted accordingly and automatically.



Laser working substance  Nd3+: YAG ceramic cavity 
Max. single-pulse energy70J/90J
Max. peak power6kW/12kW
Laser wavelength1064nm
Focal beam diameter0.2-3.0mm adjustable
Rated output power200W/400W
Min welding pool0.3mm
Pulsed width0.3-20ms adjustable
Pulse depth0. 5-1.5mm
Pulse frequency≤50Hz adjustable
Power cooling systeminternal air cooling
YAG cavity coolingexternal water chiller
Controlling systemPLC programming
Observing systemMicroscope/CCD






Materials that can be welded are extensive: titanium, aluminum, copper, zinc, gold, silver and other metal and alloy, steel and other alloy material between the welding of dissimilar metals welding,cold work alloy steel, hot work alloy steel, nickel tool steel, steel alloy, high tenacity aluminum alloy, etc. Other metals like gold, silver, brass,aluminum-magnesium alloy, titanium, platinum are also applicable.


Company Information

BenDe Machine Factory are specializing in producing,developing and selling laser marking machine,laser welding
machine,air tapping machine,servo electric servo tapping machine etc.It is Chinese industrial laser processing
equipment pioneer ,domestic well-known marking equipment manufacturer.And,with rich experience ,we also
have obtained huge success in international market ,the mainly foreign markets are United States, Germany,
Spain, Russia, Singapore, Indonesia...more than 30 countries and regions .Till now, a lot of customers all over the
world have visited us. 


Our Services

In the spirit of responsibility for the customer, our company keeps tight follow-up with product quality, visits our customers periodically, adopts the suggestions from our customers, and offers the all-day, all-directional and top-grade market services.
Once receive the calling of complaints, we will respond to it within 12 hours at working time and provide solution within 48 hours. If necessary, our company will send technical staff there and provide on-site solution.
Packaging & Shipping

1.Durable wooden case or as per required.
2.The delivery lead time would be 7 working days after recieving the payment.
3.As for the wholsalers/distributors, we could send the cargo by air, by sea or by railways via reliable forwarder.
4:Computer & laser weld soft ware system.

Portable type equipped notebook with English system.
Desktop type equipped LCD and industrial compute, (PC the English laser welding soft ware installed).
5. We will give customer the fixed tools for helping to fixed the focus distance.
6.  One-year warranty is provided. (The detailed reference will be written into the final contract.).
7:  Professional staff for installation and training if needed.




Payment TermWe accept PaypaI,TT,Credit card,Western Union,LC

Payment must be finished within 5days of the order.

              Delivery time is 5                     -7workdays.  

  Shipping terms                               EMS,DHL,UPS,Fedex,TNTBy AirBy Sea
  Contact Us Ms.AnnaWhatsapp:+86-15803070574  www.cqbende.en.alibaba.com


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