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PLC Touch Portable Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer , Water Hydraulic Vulcanizing Machine

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PLC Touch Portable Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer , Water Hydraulic Vulcanizing Machine

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PLC Touch Portable Conveyor Belt Vulcanizer , Water Hydraulic Vulcanizing Machine


Production Application



Our rubber belt vulcanizing press and tools are mainly applied to industries for splicing and repairing for


conveyor belting.


1. Electric power plant


2. Metallurgical plant


3. Mining


4. Textile industry


5. Douck


6. Chemical industry


7. Food industry


8. Rubber industry


9. Laboratory



Technical Parameters



ModelADRS/DMDN HE1W13465-8
Belt Width1400mm/54-55 inches
Voltage220V 380V 415V 660V 50HZ(Other voltages are also available)
Fast cooling time15 minutes (from 145 degrees down to 70 degrees or less)
Temperature raise (from normal temperature to 145℃)no more than 25 minutes
The temperature difference of heating plate working surface±2°c
Temperature adjustment range0~200°c
Vulcanizing pressure0.7~1.2 MPa
Time of heat preservationUsually 30mins
Degree of heating plate20°(rectangle other bias angle is also available)
Suitable for belt typeCommon rubber conveyor belt and steel cord conveyor belt



When order (please supply below information, our engineer will make a solution for you)



1. Max belt width


2. Heating platen length (or please supply belt manufacturer’s recommended splice length)


3. What kind of belt, light duty belts or heavy duty belts


4. Working Voltage


5. Pressure requirements


6. Degree of heating platen (standard will be 20 degree)







ModelBelt WidthPlaten Size(20◦)Splice LengthQt. Bolts
AB100PSI (0.7MPa)200PSI (1.4MPa)
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1344836-3910003488048122828730810
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1414836-391000411060481228359101012
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1345642-4712003488056143028730810
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1415642-471200411060561430359101012
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1345848-5113003488058149028730810
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1415848-511300411060581490359101012
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1346554-5514003488065165028730810
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1416554-551400411060651650359101012
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1346759-6015003488067170028730810
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1416759-601500411060671700359101012
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1347361-6316003488073186728730810
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1417361-631600411060731867359101012
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1348270-7218003488082208028730810
ADRS/DMDN HE1W1418270-721800411060822080359101012



Components and Advantages



ADRS/DMDN HE1W13465-8 belt vulcanizing machine main components
No.Part NameAdvantages and Characteristics of Vulcanizing MachineQuantity
1Anti-corrosion BeamsAdopt LAM-A, light and high-strength aluminum alloy from large-scale central enterprises-Aluminum Group8 PCS
2Screw,Nut,GasketUse high quality high 45 steel finish machining hot dip Color-Zinc to make, beautiful and rust protection.8 SETS
3Heating Plate (880*1650mm)Made of one-piece light and high-strength aluminum alloy, alloy Chromium wires heat uniformity, the temperature rises fast (about 25mins).2 PCS
4Heat insulation plate (880*1650mm)20mm multilayer poplar plate wrapped by imported mahogany, insulation, voltage resistance and thermal insulation2 PCS
5Pressing Plate(Integrated)(880*1650mm)12mm Aluminum Group aluminum alloy base plate +multilayer core brute force nylon capsule element+ thermal insulation plate, one-piece made. Pressure uniformity.1 PC
62016 Computer Touch Screen Temperature box

The computer temperature control box is waterproof, firm, lightweight, with a protective cover and a handle, while the rubber feet has quakeproof, insulation effect, the Control Box has Protection Performance of overload, short circuit, leakage, etc., the use of 24V low voltage safety line control can insure personal safety .

1 PC
7CMX-8*20 Electrical PumpInflow fast, light and convenient!1 PC
8Input Power Line AssemblyInput Power Line adopt COMIX® special quick plug way, import aviation connector and self-locking device. More safe, fast and simple.1 SET
9Output Power Line AssemblyOutput power line cables adopt professional yellow mine cable customized by COMIX®, which can ensure the insulation, waterproof, anti-interference.2 SETS
10High Pressure Water Hose AssemblyHigh quality high pressure rubber hose, both ends equipped with rapid copper connector. When used on the site, no decompression and no leakage. It can protect the pressure strength during the belt vulcanizing progress.1 SET
11Special Spanner45 steel with ratchet wheel function.2 PCS
12Clamping Device1 SET
13Certificate of Quality, Instruction Book, Packing ListOne
14Operating Instruction Of Vulcanizing MachineOne
15The DVD of Belt Splicing Technology Of Vulcanizing MachineOne







01) Q: Do you have any certificates for the vulcanizing machine?

A: We have CE Certificate and ISO9001:2008 for the machine.

02) Q: Normal delivery time?

A: About 15 working days. Customized machines will take a bit longer.

03) Q: Will you test the machine before shipping?

A: Yes, each machine, we will install and test before shipping.

04) Q: What after-sales service will you supply?

A: If the problems arising from the our manufacturing defects in the guarantee period, we will provide full


     support to solve the problem, reducing the loss. At the same time, we will provide the free spare parts;


     Over the guarantee period,if you want to replace the accessory, we can give some discount on the



05) Q: Whether can visit your workshop to see how to process the machine?

A: No problems, you are always welcomed to visit us.

06) Q: Can I be your agent in our area?

A: Yes. ComiX is looking for the agents all over the world. If you are interested , please feel free to contact


     us to negotiate the agency mattes in details.


07) Q: How to get more informaition?

A: Please visit www.comixvulcanizer.com or www.comixvulcanizing.com


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