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Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited

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Address: 1#,Xiwang ROAD,Shizhong Qu,Zaozhuang,shandong,CHINA

Phone: 86-632-8992979

Contact name:Erick Liu

Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited

About Us

Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited is a China based company specializes in research & development and production of Carbon Black Pigment and Carbon Black.With a strong focus on research,we are constantly discovering new avenues and technologies that will allow us to provide our clientele with the highest-quality products at the most competitive prices.

  We have 3 production lines for Carbon Black.Our leading products are High Color Carbon Blacks for inks,paints,plastics,sealants,construction materials,fibers,etc,Specialty Carbon Blacks for Rubber,Basic Carbon Black N115,N220,N234,N326,N330,N339,N550,N660,N762,N774,etc.Meanwhile,we could produce special products according to customers' requirement.


We are dynamic and reliable; and we aspire to a partnership...

We are a dynamic and reliable company that aims to deliver high quality products and intelligent solutions. Lasting business partnerships with our

valued customers through service innovation and proactive thinking matter a lot to us.

We work as partners with our customers to develop products that meet their most demanding requirements."our capabilities are truly yours".

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Company info

Company Name: Beilum Carbon Chemical Limited
City: Zaozhuang
Province: Shandong
Address: 1#,Xiwang ROAD,Shizhong Qu,Zaozhuang,shandong,CHINA