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Air-cooled scroll water chiller (heat pump)

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Air-cooled scroll water chiller (heat pump)

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Product Details

Air-cooled screw water chiller (heat pump)
1.smooth operation, energy saving
2.high efficiency
3.stable and reliable

Air-cooled screw water chiller (heat pump)


Function: cooling, heating
Energy: Electricity
Cooling capacity: 65 KW ---- 650KW
Heating capacity: 69 KW ---- 690 KW
Apply: hotel, hotels, apartments, hospitals, movie theaters, stadiums, office buildings, office buildings and other places.


Unit features-

Air-cooled scroll chiller (heat pump) is my company for the hotels, hospitals, theaters, sports, entertainment center. Commercial buildings, office buildings, industrial and mining enterprises and other sites development and design of central air conditioning products, it can be installed on the roof or outdoor garden, do not need special rooms and cooling towers. The product draws on the essence of similar products at home and abroad, focusing on the development of future air-conditioning, air conditioning in the new century boutique.

1, energy-saving products, efficient and reliable
Using high quality components, system design, the product achieved national energy certification, energy efficiency as high as 3.29.
2, the whole patent
3, shared equally evaporator patent
Patented high U-shaped tube shell and tube heat exchanger, liquid evenly divided, oil return reliable, high heat transfer efficiency, quality, stability and easy maintenance.
4, exquisite design and production
Modular structure, independent circuit, complete protection, advanced technological equipment, complete testing facilities to ensure quality and reliable units.
5, easy, safe
Main control unit dedicated micro controllers and equipment selection, parameter setting, queries and easy operation. Unit operation, energy regulation, self-protection are to achieve automatic control, simply turn the water system and power can be put into use.
6, the network communication
All Universal RS485 module controller communication bus connection, the network controller can use star connection, it can be used to connect serial form. Each controllers can work alone, or you can mix multiple controllers work. Text display automatically detects all online units.
7, part of the load function, saving significant
In the part of the load, the unit can step in regulation of the module unit of energy output, so the best match with the load in the state, saving significant wear at the same time the compressor unit has a balanced and continuous heating during defrost heating function.
8, product quality and reliable
Each unit in strict accordance with national standard test items, by the Hefei General Machinery Research design of the new test bench can test the performance indicators were achieved or exceeded the national standard requirements in order to be shipped.
9, refrigerants (optional)
Optional R407C refrigerants, its zero ozone depletion, security, non-toxic non-flammable, environmentally friendly.
10, aluminum frame unit (optional)
According to customer needs, but also to provide high-quality aluminum frame combined with stainless steel body type, corrosion preventive ability, particularly suitable for use in coastal areas such as high tide.

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